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The GonadsDECEMBER 2015
Gal's first lyric collection, I Lost My Love To A UK Sub… & Other Punk Rock Sob Stories, has just been published by Soitenly Books. The 40-song collection includes the words to Whelks (the second Gonads song ever written) and The Cockney Preservation Society which is as yet unrecorded. The booklet is now on sale from our shop page.
We play the Boot Boy Xmas Knees Up at the 100 Club on 18th December with the Last Resort, Infa Riot & Skurvi.

Gal is taking part in the Punk Literary Festival on 12th December alongside Jeff Turner, Rick Buckler, John King, the surviving Ruts, Pete 'Manic Esso' Haynes and more. The fest is at London's Cockpit Theatre from midday until 6pm. Tickets £15 from
We regret to announce that we are unable to play the Streetpunk Xmas Party in Britanny on 5th December for medical reasons.


The Gonads annual has been delayed until next year, but our lyric book, I Lost My Love To A UK Sub and other Punk Rock Sob Stories, will be published next month.

We will release our Rebellion acoustic set as an album next year.
A booklet of Gal's lyrics will be published in November.

We play the Boot-Boys Xmas Party at the 100 Club with the Business, Infa-Riot and Skurvi on 18th December.
Work has begun on the first ever Gonads annual is on course for publication in December.
Sadly our Leeds and Gateshead October shows have been cancelled due to "problems with the Gateshead promoter".

JULY 2015
Our stage times for Rebellion are Saturday night, ten past midnight (punk set), Sunday night 8.15pm (acoustic set).

JUNE 2015
We play Leeds, The Packhouse, on Friday October 9th co-headlining with Infa Riot + Kleine Schweine.

MAY 2015
Our new album Greater Hits Volume 3 – The Complete Cobblers is released in mid June. We play The Bootboys Christmas Knees-Up with The Business, Infa-Riot and Skurvi on Friday December 18th. This is a Human Punk promotion.

APRIL 2015
We play the Teams Club Gateshead with Infa Riot on Saturday October 10th.

MARCH 2015
The release party for our twelfth studio album, Greater Hits Volume 3 – The Complete Cobblers, has been put back until June. The vinyl version won't be ready for the anticipated April release due to "delays at the pressing plant".
We have been asked to do our first-ever acoustic show, as well as our normal Saturday evening set, at Rebellion. We have agreed with the proviso "as long as we are happy with how it sounds in rehearsal".

The Gonads will play Rebellion this year, tickets available from
The Gonads


We are confirmed to play this year's Street Punk Party in Brittany, France, with the Cockney Rejects, Argy Bargy, Infa-Riot, The Addicts and many more…

We are running a contest for Nads fans to draw the cover of our next album. We want an illustration of a scary skinhead clown, the nastier the better. The prize for the one we use will be £100. We need your entries by the 7th January, 2015. The result will be announced a week later. To enter the psycho-skin clown challenge, just send your drawings as a jpeg to and put 'Clown Contest' in the subject line. Full-colour, part-colour and black & white images will all be considered. The judges' decision is final.
The Bumper Book of The Gonads will be published next Autumn.

We have recorded The Gonads Greater Hits Volume 3 – The Complete Cobblers. It will be mixed and mastered in early January and released in late March/April. The 25-track album will include three bonus track and one "punishment track."
A compilation of Gonads & Skanads Ska numbers will be released as an album next Summer.

The SkaNads/Girls Next Door vinyl 7-inch split single has been released by Randale Records and is now on sale from our shop page. Side A is 'Rude Boy's On The Rise' by The SkaNads; side AA is 'Too Late' by Girls Next Door featuring Sam Bailey.

We go back into the studio next month to start recording The Gonads Greater Hits Volume 3 - The Complete Cobblers. The expected release date is Spring 2015.

We played four shows this month, two secret gigs as 'Terry & The Toe-Rags' followed by Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and Farmer Phil's Festival in Shropshire. There will be no more UK shows in the foreseeable future.
Gal's podcast chats with Dennis Stratton (ex Iron Maiden), Neville Staple (ex The Specials) and Roy Ellis of Symarip are all up'n'running here.

JULY 2014
Gal's latest book, Riff-Raff Rebels & Rock Gods is now on sale as a paperback, an eBook and a six-hour audio book.
Release of the SkaNads/Girls Next Door split single has been put back until October.

JUNE 2014
There is no news. That must be good news then.

MAY 2014
The Gonads will retire from live shows this August. We can officially confirm that after Rebellion (Aug 8th) and Farmer's Phil's Festival (Aug 9th) we will be on an "indefinite hiatus" from the UK punk circuit.

APRIL 2014
We are confirmed to play Rebellion on Friday 8th August.
Gal's new audio book Riff-Raff, Rebels & Rock Gods is published this month, featuring the Angelic Upstarts, The Specials, Rose Tattoo, the Cockney Rejects, Iron Maiden, UFO, Judge Dread, The Exploited, Twisted Sister, The Selecter and much more… You can get it from Litopia.
Here is the link to buy 'The Revenge of World Cup Willie'.

MARCH 2014
We headline London's 12 Bar Club on 31st May – a night of "Geezer Rock!"
The Gonads and Neville Staple are part of the alternative England World Cup anthem – 'The Revenge of World Cup Willie' by English Pride. Video here. The song is released on Monday 7th April.
The new SkaNads song 'Rude Boy's On The Rise' will be released as a 7inch vinyl single by Randale in May, b/w the Girls Next Door song 'Too Late'. Work has started on the SkaNads' debut album.

A new compilation album, Punk Rock Till I Die: The Best of the Gonads 1998 - 2013, will be released exclusively in the USA later this year. US dates will follow.
Gal is working on new solo album, Just The Filth II, which is expected to consist of "80 per cent new material". Expect a late 2014/early 2015 release.

We will play Farmer Phil's Festival in Shropshire on 9th August this year. The fest is situated near Gatten Farm, in Ratlinghope, Shrewsbury.

The Gonads