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Here ya go - photos from Soho
The Street Sounds Do at The 12 Bar Club, November 2014


The Gonads WebsiteRevellers including Lee Wilson, Paul SkaNad, Sarah Black (Miss Management),
Wattsie and Lee Wilson take on Jock McDonald at pool.


The Gonads WebsiteJock and Wattsie: "Don't you know I'm a legend?" they said as one.


The Gonads WebsiteThe historical pint bought by Lee 'Lovejoy' Wilson – "you are the one and only…"


The Gonads WebsiteNads out for the girls, say Nads out for the girls – Paul and Phil


The Gonads WebsiteAlways squeeze your Lemon


The Gonads Website

A mixture of laughter and horror as Hallam reveals hairy torso


The Gonads WebsiteCarol Harrison and Suzanne Seddon apprehend DC Mickey Webb from The Bill...


The Gonads Website



The Gonads