The Gonads
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Singles and EPs

1977 Stroke My Beachcomber Baby (Scrotum Records).
1981 Pure Punk For Raw People (Secret Records); EP.
1982 Peace Artists (Secret Records); EP.
1983 Delilah – The Punk Epic (Razor Records); EP – as Max & Gal, the Brothers Gonad.
1997 Oi Nutter (1,2,3,4 Records, UK; Pub City Royal, USA).
2006 Oi Mate (Soitenly) – download single.
2008 Punk Is Back (Havin' a Laugh Records) – split vinyl EP with Klasse Kriminale.
2008 Go Ska With The Gonads (Soitenly) – download EP.
2008 St George's Day EP (Soitenly) – download EP.
2011 Charlton Boys – five track vinyl EP (Randale Records), also available as a download.
2011 Boot Boys - limited edition vinyl split single with Infa-Riot (Randale Records).
2012 – Skinhead Lullabies by the SkaNads, four track vinyl EP (Randale Records).
2013 - Hooligan Classics Vol 2 four track split vinyl EP sampler.
with Stomper 98, Iron Fist & The Resort Bootboys (Randale Records).
2013 – split vinyl EP with The Uprisers (Black Hole Records & Skinflint Music).

2013 Doctor Punk – The DMG/Maninblack split single.

2014 The SkaNads/Girls Next Door split single (Randale).


1983 Live And Loud - The Official Bootleg, The Gonads (Syndicate Records), double album.
1987 Full Time Result (Link) – split album with The Blood.
1989 The Revenge Of The Gonads (Street Link).
1994 Punk Rock Will Never Die (Harry May).
1999 Oi! Back & Barking (Captain Oi).
2001 Schitz-oi!-phrenia (Captain Oi).
2006 Old Boots No Panties (Captain Oi).
2008 Live Free, Die Free (Empty).
2009 Live Free, Die Free (Joe Pogo) - vinyl double album.
2010 Glorious Bastards (Contra).
2011 Greater Hits Volume One:Plums (Randale Records).
2012 Greater Hits Volume Two: The Mutt's Nuts (Randale Records).
2012 - Just The Filth - Gal's fifteen-track solo compilation.
2013 - Built For Destruction (Randale Records).

2015 – Greater Hits Volume 3: The Complete Cobblers (Randale).
2016 – London Bawling (Randale acoustic album).
2016 – All The Loon Stompers (Randale Ska & Skinhead Reggae comp).

Tracks and Oddities

1981 Tucker's Ruckers Ain't No Suckers – track on Carry On Oi (Secret).
1981 Oi Christmas – track on the Bollocks To Xmas EP (Secret).
1982 TNT – track on the Total Noise EP (Total Noise).
1982 Getting Pissed – track on Oi Oi That's Yer Lot (Secret).
1983 Jobs Not Jails and Lager Top Blues – tracks on Son Of Oi (Syndicate) (we also appeared as Prole and the Orgasm Guerrillas).
1984 SE7 Dole Day – track on The Oi Of Sex (Syndicate) (we also appeared as Prole and the Orgasm Guerrillas).
1984 The Joys Of Oi and Eat The Rich on The Joys of Oi (Syndicate - not released until years later).
And we think, although the memory is going with old age, that this is the comp that featured Gal's 'Reg & Ron' by Lord Waistrel & The Cosh Boys with Mark Brabbs from Tank as Waistrel.
2002 Unky Bunk – track on Addicted To Oi (Captain Oi).
2007 Hey You – track on Oi! Fuck You (Ascalon Records).
2008 Alconaut and Valhallaballoo – tracks on The Kings Of Streetpunk (GnR Records) (we also appeared as the Orgasm Guerrillas and The High Priests Of Mong).
2011 'Cheeky Chappie' & 'Long Ska Summer' – tracks on the Buster's Ska Battalion 'Ska For Heroes' download EP for forces charity; vinyl release April 2012.

The Gonads

The Gonads