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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation. As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.



Oct 31. In a fresh Halloween horror, Lord Waistrel expanded his BAN on this blog until “next April at the very earliest”. Furious blog fans last night condemned the shock move which has been dubbed “unnecessary and outrageous” by the British Museum, “short-sighted and counter-productive” by Oxford University dons and “a diabolical fuckin’ liberty” by Fat Col. Waistrel’s decision has also agitated the most noble Brotherhood of the Jolly Pranksters, with the vast majority opposing the ban. Our insider, who wishes to remain anonymous but is in fact Effete El, tells us: “This ridiculous closure penalises blog-lovers around the world. It isn’t just that this is the only public forum willing to relay scurrilous gossip from the Pranksters or give us the very latest punk and Oi news; the blog is a lot more than that. Why should we be deprived of the wisdom of Terence Hayes, PM, the sinister activities of Martin Sporrell (aggressive gooner) and daily insights into what Fat Col would like to do with Shona Wattsie Watts should she ever be foolish/drunk enough to fall for his beery bird-brained banter? I’m already missing reports on the activities of Sandie West (Hollywood pest), the Beer Monster Elite, Fit Bird, statements from Scrotum – Waistrel’s wrinkled retainer – in his antiquated ‘haccent’ and regular updates from the perverse world of Whip-me Houston and her auntie Strap-on Warwick. The realisation that next Monday there will be no review of Polyfest fills me with despair. What was Gal and Shayna Ross doing at the Bromley Court Hotel with Millwall Roi, Steve Whale and the Ruts DC last week? Why were Gal, Steve, Leah McCaffrey and Neville Staple at the House of Commons three days later? Will we ever know? Will there be no pictures from the Punk Rock Curry Club Xmas Meet? No jokes from Richie Rocker? No Sparrer reviews from Chelsea Dom? I suppose not. There wasn’t even any hot goss from the Dartford comedy night. It t’ain’t fair, t’ain’t right, and t’ain’t proper...” Fighting back his tears, El called for an extraordinary general meeting of Club 77 Gonads fans and “elite” blog supporters, grasses and snitches “in order to derail Waistrel’s cruel plan”. If anything comes of it, you might not read it here...

Oct 16. In stark defiance of Lord Waistrel’s shut-down, we are hacking this blog to announce the incredible news of the first major exhibition dedicated to Charlton’s pop, rock and punk heritage which will open next year. The press release states: ‘The exhibition, called simply Oi Mate, will explore the culture and accomplishments of artists from London SE7, from the days of Pink Tent in the late sixties via the explosion of colour in the 70s with the birth of punk and the Gonads, through 80s ‘punk pathetique’ and the Oi revolution. Featured artists, bands, events and personalities include Prole, The Blood, Orgasm Guerrillas, Coming Blood, the Wise Guys, Derek ‘Gypo’ Hales, Mike Flanagan, Chris Powell, the Valley Party, the Who at Charlton in 76 and 74, James Davidson, Albert Lee, Italo Svevo, Daniel Day Lewis, The Yeti, and many more.

The exhibition will be brought to life through original stage outfits and instruments, many loaned by the artists themselves, plus memorabilia, props, film, poems, cartoons, album sleeve artwork, portraits, photography, tattoos, lyrics and, of course, music.’ The exhibition will include a loop tape of classic songs from the area including ‘SE7 Dole Day’, ‘Generation Landslide’, ‘Stark Raving Normal’, ‘Sandra Bigg (Really Big’), ‘Up The Junction’, ‘Valhallaballoo’ and ‘Oi Mate’ itself. Opening in February 2019, the exclusive display will be sponsored by the Greenwich-based Meantime Brewery and the Kasturi Indian restaurant of Charlton Village. Viewings will be ‘by invitation only’ in Colin Gannon’s back garden shed. (And you wonder why Waistrel wants this blog closed – Ed)

Oct 13. Please note: this blog will be closed for the next three months. We hope to return in January. All gig commitments will be honoured but our planned releases have been put back until Easter 2019.

The Gonads WebsiteOct 1st. Today a group of grasses, snakes, snitches, bitches and other gossip-hounds begged his most gracious Lord Waistrel to temporarily lift his draconian ban on this blog so that we can tell about the fantastic one-off Micky Fitz tribute taking place at Punk & Disorderly next April with Jeff Turner, Millwall Roi and Al Barr standing in for the late and much-missed Fitzy in front of a band consisting of Business legends Steve Kent, Steve Whale and Mick Fairburn... also we have sensational reports of BME leader John King being seen drinking COCA COLA in an EC2 pub... and a review of the small but perfectly formed Oi and street-punk exhibition at the Barbican. If Waistrel agrees, full details will follow. If not, then this has been an emergency hack on behalf of pirate bloggers at RADIO FREE CHARLTON. Oi! Oi!

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