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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation.
As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.

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We're pretty busy with the new album, so we had a choice for the rest of the month – either shut down this blog or leave it in the hands of Fat Col. Consequently the blog is closed until November. Cheerio.


Oct 12. The Friends of Luca Brasa prove they don't sleep with the fishes by releasing a single called 'Screwed Up World' next month, either as a double a-sider with 'Fell Apart' or as part of a four-track ep, they haven't decided yet. But you can hear two of their piping hot ditties on Gal's next Hungry & The Hunted show, scheduled for posting in ten to fourteen days. Why are we telling you this? Let's just say they made us an offer we couldn't refuse.


Oct 11. Our old anarcho-chums Conflict will shock hippy types with their latest recording which includes the lyrics: 'Frankly, I couldn't give a fuck about asylum seekers - or their welfare/Seeking asylum? You've fucking found one!' Rumours that Fat Col is now writing Colin's lyrics can neither be confirmed or denied, although we can tell you that our Col is apparently in talks with the Septics about releasing an "anti-PC compilation."


We spin the wheel of Dharma and generate this random news: the latest Maximumrocknroll features a no doubt indispensible retrospective look at the punk scene in Slovenia... Debbie Harry will headline the John Lennon tribute concert in New York on 5th December... Steampunk herberts The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing play the Relentless Garage, London, on 14th November supported by the Caesarians... The Business 7inch 'Back In The Day' is now out in the States courtesy Sailors Grave.


Oct 10. Reasons we hate Lord Waistrel part 97: we were approached by a major US streetpunk label about releasing a deluxe box-set of all our studio albums and rarities. His Lordship TURNED THEM DOWN because they refused to offer a promotional bottle of his new 'Chateau Waistrel champagne top' line free with the first 100 boxes. FFS! Talking rarities, we would still like to hear from anyone who has got (or can even remember the words to) our 1977/8 song 'Ripper's Delight'.


OUT now, or re-issued: the new Sick Of It All full-length, Last Act Of Defiance (Century Media)... Pig Destroyer's Mass & Volume (Relapse)... The Circle Jerks album Live At The House Of Blues, on cassette from Kung Fu Records... a new single from the Harrington Saints, 'Upright Citizen' b/w 'Let's Go Rob A Bank' (Thieving gits – Ed), on vinyl from Pirates Press... and C J Ramone's seven-incher 'Understand Me' b/w a cover of Black Flag's 'Rise Above' (Fat Wreck Chords).


Roger Daltrey tells us that The Who have started work on a new album. Their first new song 'Be Lucky' appears on the soon-come The Who Hits 50' comp and features Mick Talbot on the joanna.


Prankster notice: the big Remembrance weekender will now take place at That Cheshire Place. See your Tyler for details.


Oct 7. Lord Waistrel is in town and grumpier than a bridegroom with erectile dysfuction owing to what he describes as "the purlieus of treachery and fraud" (No idea – Ed). In between issuing hurricane force bollockings to all and sundry, and denouncing Farage for "selling out libertarian principles", his Lordship unveiled exciting plans for next year. To wit: 1) work will begin in January on the next great Gonads project – FrankenSkin The Oi-Pera, a punk rock magnum opus which will be performed on stage sometime in 2016. (Stief and FB will have to fight it out for the starring role of the steaming great hideous beast itself.) 2) The next Gonads album, Greater Hits Vol 3 – The Complete Cobblers, is on course for release in the late Spring of 2015, but will be preceded by a brand new single (Possibly 'COitus Interruptus' - Ed). 3) There are currently no live shows scheduled, but Waistrel is in talks about "special performances" next year in Italy, Argentina, Dubai, Japan and the Czech Republic (of which Argentina appears to be the most nailed-down: courtesy Clarkson Tours), along with the long-promised/threatened mini-tour of the US West Coast. 4) Dancers and character actors will be required for video shoots early next year too, when we shoot a proper promo for 'What's Happening Now?'.

The GonadsTomorrow Waistrel heads up to his Highland retreat Sozwood House to bash some crofters, before flying back to Barbados for the Winter where he will no doubt sound off in his customary sour and splenetic manner about the evils of "so-called modernity, and our decaying civilization" to his black heart's content. PS. Clarification: His Lordship has asked us to point out that contrary to Fat Col's ludicrous emails, the Gonads future gig rider will NOT include "dirty birds an' buckets of champagne top." He notes: "Half a gallon of Cava top, a fridge-pack of Stella and one off the wrist from an accommodating barmaid is more than adequate for these appalling oiks." Quite. What? Top-hole!


Oct 6. Gal's chat with Rancid's Lars Frederiksen is now up and running at Radio Litopia.


The Gonads WebsiteOct 5. YEAH! It’s finally out! The mighty SkaNads/Girls Next Door split single has been released on vinyl a mere nine months after GND’s ‘Too Late’ originally came out on iTunes. That spirited two-tapper is on one side, and on the other is the new SkaNads number ‘Rude Boy’s On The Rise’. You can buy this prime seven-incher from tomorrow, from our shop page. GND, for those with long memories, was the Ska project that featured a teenage Sam Bailey (yeah, her off X Factor) along with co-singer Julie Nunney. The girls were likened to “a female Madness” by Clyde Ward who produced it. Julie tells us that they had other unrecorded songs but doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to do anything with them.


The soon-to-come Riders Of The Night single ‘Uppers & Downers’ is a taster for the North London herberts’ new album. Monkey tells us the Riders have been plagued by health set-backs – “Binsy got diagnosed with prostate cancer at Christmas but is now sorted and I had a heart attack a few months back and they found out one of me lungs had packed up as well. But we’'re now back in the studio and a new Riders Of The Night album should be in the can before too long.” No word on the album title yet, but we can confirm that Up The Spurs is not in the running...


Whispers: East End Badoes working on their debut album... Garry Johnson working on a tell-all book about his dealings with Fleet Street... Charley ‘Aitch’ Bembridge has joined the cast of 2-Tone musical Three Minute Heroes which opened at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry last night (So less a whisper, more a fact – despairing Ed)


The GonadsOct 4. The streetpunk elite were out in force last night for Steve Bruce’s 60th anniversary bash at the 12 Bar. The Cock Sparrer drummer had promised friends and family a special night and he didn’t let anyone down. The pilchard-packed punters, including such luminaries as Steve Whale, Argy-Bargy, The Crows and Carrie Griffiths, were treated to a secret Sparrer gig and a sterling support slot from The Bar Stool Preachers. We’d tell you more, but don’t want to nix the coverage in StreetSounds issue nine which is due out next month...


How does this work? Gal went on Steve Wright In The Afternoon show yesterday to plug his new pulp fiction novel Facedown and as a direct result his first book in the series, The Face, has shot into the Top Ten of amazon’s True Crime eBooks – even though it’s clearly a work of fiction about violent Millwall-supporting villains... unless of course Amazon know more about Harry Tyler, his double dealings and his sexual shenanigans than we do (shakes head, looks puzzled, wonders why he didn’t mention the Gonads etc etc).





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