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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation.
As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.

March 31. Easter Sunday. “Are the Gonads doing a St George’s Day event this year?” asks a reader. No, sadly, but says spokesman Carl Berg: “in fairness each and every gig we do is a St George’s Day event, just as every gig we do is anti-Establishment and pro working class. We don’t have to spell it out, it’s what we are.” Fit-Bird adds that Gal’s next two podcasts will “def’nitely” have St George’s Day themes.

This sounds tasty: Martin Scorsese is developing a TV spin-off of his Gangs Of New York film with Miramix.

The latest album from Underclass UK will be available free. Live & Loud (recorded at the Dagenham band’s South London gig supporting Argy Bargy in January) is released on May 16th via iTune, Spotify, Amazon, Nimbit and the other usual suspects, and via FREE download from

March 30. It was a packed house at KOKO for Missing Andy last night, with Lord Waistrel himself dropping into the Essex lads’ dressing room for a chin-wag over a pint or three of the old champagne top. The soppy, port-sodden old fool tells us that one of their new songs ‘Happy Place’ “sounds rather like that delightful Dexys song about the girl Eileen in places” but for reliable reviews of the band’s new album you’re probably best advised to wait for issue three of Street Sounds, due mid-April.

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Missing Andy go loco at KOKO

The Gonads Website
Waistrel's picture-taking abilities confirmed as 'woeful' - he's no David Bailey

We forgot to tell you, Infa-Riot’s Glasgow gig, due for April 6th ain’t happening...

March 29. Big, and we mean BIG, Gonads news this Good Friday, oh our brothers and only friends! For Lord Waistrel has given permission for Randale to release the ORIGINAL version of ‘Stroke My Beachcomber, Baby’ as a bonus track on the eagerly awaited Built For Destruction album. Many of you will know that ‘Beachcomber’ was the Gonads’ first release back in the mists of time, and that the single, released on our own Scrotum label is one of the rarest and most sought-after 7inches in punk history. We’d like to thank Colin ‘Fat Col’ Gannon for making the acetate available for a poke in the eye and a Chinese burn. The buzz about Built For Destruction, due out this Summer, just got a whole lot louder.

And here’s another turn up. With the Cockney Rejects in Finland tonight, and Sparrer in Stockholm with Argy-Bargy and Infa-Riot, the Gonads are officially, for one day only, the BOSS Oi/StreetPunk band in London town. Consequently our prices, groupie and rider demands have officially quadrupled. Eat our dust, losers! (Normal cheap rates available from mid-day tomorrow).

The original line-up of the East End Badoes will record a follow-up to their ‘Hard Hits For Herberts’ ep this summer, including a cover of Jimmy Cliff’s 1972 reggae anthem ‘The Harder They Come’. Whispers an insider: “It was Skully’s idea; are you gonna argue with him?” Probably not.

March 28. Coming soon... the Gonads at Croydon... your last chance to dance with The Franken-Skin before World War Three, allegedly.

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Gal’s John King interview is up and running now, discussing his novels, Orwell, London Books, punk, identity, Richard Allen books, the EU and more. Hear it here.

R.I.P. Iron Maiden's tour manager, and Nicko's one-time drum tech, Steve Gadd who died yesterday. Another good guy gone.

March 27. This entire site vanished from cyberspace for around ten hours last night, stoking fears that we had been targeted by black ops hackers. Who and why? We can’t be sure, but it seems likely that the hackers were working for sinister state agencies enraged by this band’s uncompromising brand of anarcho-syndicalism. A thorough investigation has been launched but at the moment the finger of suspicion is pointing at a) The CIA b) MI5 c) Neo-Nazis d) Mossad or e) The EU’s EAS. Said new band spokesman Carl S. Berg: “The Gonads stand 100 per cent for individual freedom and against State power, this has made us many powerful enemies.” Cooler heads point out that there is also option ‘f’ for Fuckwit Fat Col who is suspected of ‘investing’ the annual site maintenance fee on a donkey running in the 15.10 at Fontwell Park.

March 26. Random guff: Rancid are promising to make a big announcement on April 1st – yeah? Well on April 2nd we’re washing our hair. Top that and stay fashionable...Meanwhile Argy-Bargy are filming a promo vid for their blinding track ‘These Streets’... The Orgasm Guerrillas/Donkey Laugh once-in-a-decade gig is now sadly sold out...

Record Noos - out next month from Contra: ‘Man On The Moon’ a 7inch single from the rather tasty The Champions Inc, a spiffing seven-piece 60s-style reggae band from San Jose, featuring our new pin-up, Inkie. Plus: Sweden’s On The Job release their album ‘Rock & Oi’ on vinyl (also Contra). And coming soon from Fat Wreck Chords: Morning Glory’s 3-track ‘Born To December’ ep and the Night Birds’ 4-track Maimed For The Masses ep – both on vinyl as well as MP3...

March 25. Gal's latest podcast is up and running at Bloodstock Radio, with studio guest Rhoda Dakar from the Special AKA, and tasty tracks from Bonecrusher, the Harrington Saints, Smalltown, the Dualers, the UK Subs, Vinnie & The Stars, the Black Marias, the Selecter, Klasse Kriminale, the Skoisters, Mannequin, Dublin's Hooligan, and the Noxious Toyz. Paul 'Stalin of Style' Hallam is also in the mix. Hear it here. The John King podcast is coming soon...

March 23. Gal recorded his latest podcast yesterday with special guests Rhoda Dakar and Paul ‘Stalin Of Style’ Hallam. The show features blinding new songs from Bonecrusher, the Harringston Saints, Smalltown, the Dualers, the UK Subs, Vinnie & The Stars, the Selecter, the Black Marias, Klasse Kriminale, The Skoisters, Hooligan Dublin, the Noxious Toyz and of course Rhoda herself. Mik Whitnall from 100 Men and Skin Deep (and some little-known outfit called Babyshambles) was due to join us but appears to have got lost between New Cross and Shoreditch... Rocks ‘n’ roll!

It’s five days to go until the London International Ska Festival kicks off and day one’s Rico Rodriguez show has already sold out. But there are limited tickets still available for the Jerry Dammers club night which is directly after Rico's performance (11pm-2am) here. We hear that the Freddie Notes and Do The Dog shows are almost sold out too, so dive in quick to avoid disappointment.

STOP PRESS # 1 Roy Ellis’s Glasgow show has been “indefinitely postponed.”

STOP PRESS # 2: The SkaNads have been snatched up for this October’s four-day Skamouth festival, headlined by the great Neville Staple. More details to follow.

Evil Conduct will headline the next Oi! Oi! The Gig bash at the Boston Arms, North London, with The Warriors, Control and Last Seen Laughing on Saturday October 12th. £20 advance tickets available now from Oi! Oi! The Shop and from here.

March 22. Here at last is the cover art for our split single with Russian band Uchitel Truda, which will, we’re told, finally be released in the Russian Federation sometime next month. The cover features Gal and Uchitel singer Pavel in a stirring pose – the Marx and Engels of Oi (that’s Sid Marx and Bertie Engels, window-cleaners to the gentry).

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The OFC album is, we’re told, a co-production between Oi! The Boat in the States, and Randale in Europe. Pre-ordering starts next Wednesday here - and there’s some kind of t-shirt deal thrown in.

March 21. Our pals The Friends of Luca Brasi headline a special ‘Long Good Friday’ do downstairs at Soho’s The Spice of Life (6 Moor Street, W1) a week tomorrow. Supports are streetwise Southend poet Sonny Green, and the sharp-dressed Watford bods The Spitfires. The night is organised by Zani and Sheer Luck Enterprises. Doors: 19.00, entry £5.00 (No Guest List). To Luca Brasi we pledge our never-ending loyalty (one for Godfather fans there).

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We hear more about the dubious activities of that disgraced north of the border punk promoter. Scottish punters tell us he was charging people £12 entry on the door for the Resort even if they had tickets for the original March 1st date, which had been rescheduled. We’re told “At least a dozen people were caught out by this ruse... When you travel hundreds of miles to see The Last Resort you ain't going to argue about £12 so most paid up.” A bloody disgrace.

March 20. At last the return of Nads ads! Advert # 1: Boozy Tours, offering bands a genuinely revolutionary, free-thinking way to play Scotland. Here’s how it works: you pay for your flights, you pay for your taxis from the airport, you fill the venue with your fans...and then we pocket all the takings and scarper. Boozy Tours. You’d have be Barking to try it!

Ad # 2: Paddy O’Pogue’s Purgatory Recording Studios, London. You pay for the studio time, we give you unusable discs and then wipe the tapes clean! That’s “the craic” all roight.

Ad # 3: Sham Pain! There’s the real Sham, and there’s the sham-Sham but are you ready Sham 3? Cheaper than the real Sham, even less recognisable than the sham one, Sham 3 (trading as Sham Pain) features Ricky Goldstein’s old drum tech, Albie Maskell’s nephew, a 12-year-old guitarist and some bloke Jimmy Pursey went to school with. “It’s just a fake, make no mistake!” And we’re proud of it. (All adverts featured on this page are genuine made-up ones unless otherwise stated; to have your ad published here, just turn up at a gig and hand over us a large brown envelope full of untraceable notes. No questions asked).

Random guff: Blondie tour the UK in June and July... Paramore play the London Garage on 5th April...Missing Andy launch their new album on 29th March at Koko, Camden... New Jersey’s Mongoloids are streaming their new album here - it’s out 2nd April.

March 19. Record noos: The Old Firm Casuals double album ‘For The Love Of It All’ will be available for pre-order from Oi! The Boat records on 27th March. The 24-track double gatefold beauty will also come out on CD... the Street Dogs release two new 3-track eps shortly. ‘Crooked Drunk Sons’ is out April 20th, ‘Rustbelt Nation’ follows a month later. Details here.

March 18. Gal recorded his book-related podcast last night, with John King, brilliant author of Human Punk, The Football Factory, Skinheads and other quality novels. We’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

In more book news, fans of erotically-charged horror fiction will eat up The Venus Complex by Barbie Wilde, out now from Comet Press.

Punk Rock Bowling has announced the line-up for their late night club shows here All happening between May 24th and 27th in beautiful downtown Las Vegas. Meanwhile the Orgasm Guerrillas play their once-a-decade, invitation-only pub show with support Donkey Laugh in slightly less beautiful downtown Woolwich, a fortnight today.

March 17. We are shocked and bloody furious to tell you that the ‘Built For Destruction’ album has been sabotaged, perhaps fatally, by persons unknown. The dirty no-good bastard(s) gained access to the computer in the London recording studio where the songs were stored long enough to delete four of them. An ashen-faced Fat Col said last night: “We strongly suspect we know who was responsible, and if we are proved right, there will be repercussions.” The good news is that copies of some of the songs had been transferred to disc and that a “top computer geek” has been called in to help our trusted producer Pat Collier restore the controversial and long-awaited album to its righteous state. Here’s hoping...

Highly-rated German streetpunk combo Arrested Denial release their second album, ‘Our Best Record So Far’ next month. The Hamburg-based group recall bands like Rancid and the Swingin' Utters and the album, coming out on the far-Left Mad Butcher label, contains 13 tracks “telling stories of life in a failing society.”

The mighty Randale release their own Oi compilation on May 1st, featuring tracks from us, Argy-Bargy, the OFC, the Last Resort, the Cliches, Jenny Woo, Cock Sparrer, Donkey Laugh (are you sure? – Ed), aging child star Frankie ‘Boy’ Flame and many more.

Out now: Maximumrocknroll #359 featuring the Sickoids, Hassler, Scotland's Divorce, French garage punks La Flingue, LA's lo-fi d-i-y punks White Murder (fronted by Hannah Blumenthal and Mary Animal) and much more.

March 16. UK hard rock bands are launching a campaign to raise money for BLESMA - the British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association. Belfast’s Stormzone, Pat McManus, Stampede and Agincourt are all confirmed to play the first Rockin’ For BLESMA fund-raiser which will take place at the Robin 2 in Wolverhampton on November 9th this year. Organiser Russ Weaver of Agincourt says: “If any bigger band wants to join the bill as a headliner, we’d appreciate it. This is a very worthwhile cause. BLESMA do a terrific job for our servicemen, but the charity does not get the support or exposure it deserves.” Sounds like a job for British Lion, Harry boy!

March 15. The notorious Gonads bootleg album, Built For Destruction, will “definitely” be out this Summer, according to Gal’s PA Fit-Bird. The latest intelligence suggests it will feature around twelve songs – all “pure, near the knuckle, raw-arsed street-punk”. Those who have heard it say, it’s “like Glorious Bastards in feel, but much harder, more contagious and much more outrageous.” Stand-out tracks include ‘Oblivion’, ‘Punch, Punch’, and the Nabat tribute ‘Ugly Town’. The songs were written after the break-up of the Bastards line-up and before the current band crystallized – but were shelved for being too controversial. At least two of the new songs (especially ‘Say What You Like’), will “never see the light of day”, for “reasons of taste.” More details to follow.

RIP Norman Collier, comedy leg-end.

Our mates Long Tall Shorty are off to Germany for a few dates early next month. Yes Tony Feedback is kicking off his sham-Sham slippers and pulling on his giffer steel-caps to play Nuremburg, Berlin and Hamelin. There’s talk of more Shorty dates this side of the channel to be announced soon, and even rumours of a new “Dance/Punk” album later in the year. Dance/Punk? Fuck off out of it! Give us ‘Temazepam’!

March 14. Well Croydon next month is your very last chance to catch us in South London (unless Fat Col’s visionary scheme for a Blood/Gonads joint headliner in Charlton comes off). But if you’re in Genoa in May, be sure to pop along to Infa-Riot’s show with our mates Klasse Kriminale for there you will find Gal and Paul ‘Stalin of Style’ Hallam preaching the international gospel of Street Sounds. See flyer for details.

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Keeping strictly global, Maninblack's mighty mouthpiece André Schlesinger is interviewed by Brad Filicky of the self proclaimed geek blog here.

While Canada’s own Alberta rose Jenny Woo and her band Birds of Prey have released their new album. Called ‘Same’ it features ten tracks, and it’s available on CD and vinyl from the ever-reliable (who also sell mighty fine converse shoes according to Allyson Maverick; tsk, typical woman, reducing our fine blog to a bleedin’ shopping trip.) Diana says: “Check also the new video” - Jawohl, sweet’eart.

March 13. Bad News #1. Jennie Bellestar has sadly announced her retirement from live shows in the UK. Jen will stop gigging with the 1-Stop-Experience after June 2013. (Their next London is on 23rd March at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Kentish Town.) Jen, who will continue to perform in Europe, wants to commit more time to her charity work and political activism. Here is her statement: “It is with great sadness that I announce my departure from the UK performance circuit; there will be no more 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE shows in the UK after June 2013 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has shown their support over the years, either by their presence at our shows or buying our CD’s. I would also like to thank the promoters and especially Steve Foster and Andy Sws for having us grace their stages offering us a chance to reach a wider audience, you guys totally rock. There will be a second album, I have written enough songs for two but alas I will only record one and so will pick the best out of the lot. We have made many friends along the way and have had some incredible moments in your company. The band, who remains great friends, will work together again in some format or other and of course starting on the new album in the summer. I apologise to all those people we did not reach with our live performances, sorry, but for health reasons I feel it is time to throw in the towel and make way for the new breed. 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE will however play in Europe when asked as it is less tasking than the UK. 23rd March at the Fiddlers will be our last London gig as 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE and we shall keep to our commitments from now until the end of June, sorry we cannot take up the gig offers for the end of the year and gutted that we have had to cancel some. On a personal level I shall miss you all but if any of you are in London and want to say goodbye then do pop in to The Fiddlers on the 23rd March and join us for a last knees up. THANK YOU again for all being so amazing.”

Bad News #2. The case of the dodgy promoter in Jockland who has been ripping off various Oi and skinhead-punk bands has taken another twist. As well as fleecing the Resort for a huge sum on Saturday, we hear that the disreputable dodge-pot also knocked venue the Classic Grand for the hire fee. As legal action will now follow, we are unable to comment further other than to say the Beithy bad-man must be “barking” if he thought he could get away with bam-bamboozling bands who are all regularly in touch with each other. His days as a promoter are surely numbered...

Political cause of the day: Save London’s fire stations. If you support the fight to keep the capital’s frontline services up to scratch and to prevent the closure of any London fire station (and stop job cuts within the London Fire Brigade being imposed by London Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) please sign this epetition.

Here’s ‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk Vol 3’ streamed: A glorious racket!

March 12. Out tomorrow – and available from our shop – ‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk Volume 3’. This 13-band, 13-song, 12" compilation (with a 1" badge, making it 13 inches – “like my cock,” lies Fat Col) highlights the best in current oi!/streetpunk from around the world. As with the first edition, released on 11/11/11 and the second released on 12/12/12, all tracks on this splendid Pirates Press Records collection are either unreleased or virtually brand new. Our track is ‘Let’s Go Motherfucker’, described by a passing music expert as “Pure Punk for Row People.”

March 11. Danke, Deutschland. Wir hatten eine tolle und nüchtern Zeit! Or in English: Thanks Germany we had a great and sober (cough) time in the Black Forest this weekend. Our thanks to Diana, Oli and the Randale crew, especially Alex our erratic driver, and Kahty our erotic flag-girl; not to mention our volunteer Franken-Skin, and old pals Bigge, Kalle and the Schusterjungs crew and Bie. Highlights of the sold-out show included Mick Maverick, as pissed as a thousand sailors, joining Schusterjungs on stage for their entire set, even though he knew none of the songs; flag-fraulein Kahty demonstrating an interesting approach to “downing” a bottle of Jaeger and South Coast Steve playing ‘Jobs Not Jails’ so fast that he actually exceeded the speed of light and finished the song before we’d started it. Slightly more dubious aspect of the weekend included pissing porn, Kalle’s ‘skinhead love hugs’ and the bleedin’ Customs confiscating our Randale beer... Our set was: ‘Punk Rock Till I Die’, ‘The Growler’, ‘Alconaut’, ‘Oi Mate’, ‘Hey You’, ‘SE7 Dole Day’, ‘Grant Mitchell’, ‘Gob’, ‘Charlton Boys’, ‘Oily Rag’, ‘England’s Glory’, ‘Jobs Not Jails’, ‘Oi Nutter’, ‘Tucker’s Ruckers Ain’t No Suckers’ and ‘I Lost My Love (To A UK Sub)’. Encore: ‘The Franken-Skin’. Show-closer (with Schusterjungs) ‘Chaos’. Plans to debut ‘Ruptured Foreskin Blues’ were abandoned because of time constraints, but it will be in the set for Croydon. Apologies to all who requested ‘England In My Blood’, we will attempt to include it in future shows. All the best, Schramberg! Wiedersehen alter Freunde! Until the next time!

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The Gonads Website

The Gonads Website

The Gonads Website

The Gonads Website

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The Gonads Website
The morning after the gig before...

*The SkaNads are looking for a Hammond organ player as a permanent addition to their sexy, skankin’ ranks. We hear that the lads are set to record their second single this Summer and will play more dates in Autumn.

Those who care about these things will be pleased to know that South Coast’s probationary band membership has been extended for six more months.

Bad news from Glasgow where despite filling up the Classic Grand, sources close to the Resort say the band were knocked for their agreed fee. This is a recurring pattern involving the same promoter. We understand a united band statement naming and shaming the boozy bounder will be issued shortly.

New from New York: Moshiach Oi! – the first ever orthodox Jewish Oi band (that we’re aware of!) – are on the rise. The band, and their weekly Thursday night gig/gathering, are featured in a new documentary called Punk Jews (out this summer); where the world will finally see singer Yishai Romanoff hollering the deeply Scriptural message: “Avraham was a punk rocker!” (Book of Gen-Oi-sis). Oi vey! Not everyone Orthodox Jew takes kindly to a full-on street-punk band chanting Hasidic slogans, but what more proof do you need that the voice of Oi is calling you, with a message that is true... even if you’re wearing the yarmulke?

March 3. Tax on beer has risen by over 40% in the last four years. We are already paying much more than drinkers in other countries, ten times as much as they pay in Germany for example. That makes life hard for people who want to enjoy a drink after a hard day at work but are already struggling with so many other pressures on their finances. Pubs are struggling too, and many have closed partly because these high taxes put people off going for a drink. We're campaigning for the Government to freeze business rates in 2013. You can too, HERE.

The next Gonads gig in the UK is at Croydon Scream Lounge on April 6th with the Sin Kings and the Noxious Toyz (fronted by the infamous sixth Gonad, Stief A Billy). Meanwhile, our New York brothers Maninblack will be back at the Double Down Saloon (do they ever 'kin' leave?) in the East Village of Manhattan (14 Ave. A, 10009, near Houston) next Sunday, March 10th 2013 for the Double Down Saloon's 7th Anniversary Gala partie deux. The band will be hitting the stage comparatively early, around 9pm with acoustic folk minimalist Patrick Salt Ryan starting things off at 8 and the notorious DJ Black Dalek "spinning" before, during and after. This is day #2 of a special event weekend for the club's 7th anniversary so there's bound to be a few surprises in store. As always our favourite lesbian sex-pot publicist Sally will be taking pictures of the band so if you see her say hello and buy her a stiff one!

March 1st. Our mates Monkish, the vibrant vanguard of modern day Punk Pathetique, will open for the Heavy Metal Kids on 22nd March at the Stag’s Head in Hoxton.

Here's the official set list from the SkaNads top secret warm-up gig in Forest Hill on Tuesday. Intro music: Liquidator. Set: Munsters Theme. Oi Mate. Getting Pissed. Infected. Long Live Love. Badly Done. Buy Me A Drink You Bastards. Beer Can. Grant Mitchell Ska. Havin' A Bit Tonight. Dying For A Pint. Stop That Drumming. Reinfected. (This is likely to be the set for tomorrow too). Please note, The SkaNads are not looking to book gigs immediately after the Bournemouth show but instead, according to Fit Bird, they will be expanding by adding a brass section and working on a second single with a top producer (not Clyde) to be released this summer. Lovely Jennie Bellestar has also offered to write something “rude and classy” for the band.

If you’re not in Bournemouth this weekend, the Templars, Booze & Glory and Stomper 98 are on at the Dome, London N19.