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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation.
As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.

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Jan 31. Lord Waistrel has got very excited about all this pledge music malarkey. Some see it as a way for lazy/desperate bands to rip off their long-suffering followers. Not Waistrel. His Lordship considers it "a beautiful way of cementing the love between the people and the performers" and has appointed Fat Col Gannon to "find opportunities to exploit a few gullible bastards, woops, reward discerning punters, in blog related matters". Col is therefore pleased to offer these guaranteed no rip-off pledge-able deals: £50 to join the Punk Rock Curry Club for a night (does not include meal), £75 to join the more exclusive Gonads band planning meeting & curry night (includes one drink and a prawn cocktail starter), £100 for an evening of "pub-based mentoring" by Gal and Terence Hayes, PM (does not include drinks), £200 to take Wattsie Watts for a late night Brick Lane take-away bagel (includes informed but informal lecture on aliens, David Icke and the Illuminati), £1,000 for a gig in your back garden, £10 for a date with The Gobbler (includes oral, but no tongues; full sex extra – she pays you). On a slightly more serious note, Colin adds: "The Gonads will be recording the 'Son Of FrankenSkin' ep later this year. For a pony (£25 – Ed) you can have your name in the sleeve credits, for a bullseye (£50) you can have your picture on the back, for a monkey (£500) you can sing the fucking thing." Bargain!


All right, all right. We know we missed a few of our singles covers! We never said it was a definitive list, did we? Everyone's a critic these days. Anyway, here are another three. Fat Col thinks that's the lot, but he's pissed half the time.

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Random news: Steve Ignorant has announced gigs in Nottingham, York, Newcastle, Stockton, Oxford and the Wirral, starting in March and ending in July... The Dwarves' latest tasty single 'Gentleman Blag' is out now on vinyl from Fat Wreck Chords, with guest vocals from Dexter Holland... Beach Slang are streaming new song 'Too Old To Die Young'... The Queers are releasing a split single with Antagonizers ATL in April...

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Jan 30. Here's Gal's latest radio show, a chat with Rhoda Dakar about 2-Tone, the Bodysnatchers and inevitably a little bit of politics...


The Boys have had their tour of China banned by the Beijing government. The chaps arrived in Shanghai a fortnight ago ready for a nine-date national tour only to be told the gigs had been cancelled by the Chinese Ministry of Culture due to "crowd control and security issues". The ban followed the "Shanghai stampede" at a riverside New Year celebration attended by around 300,000 people in which 36 people were killed and another 49 were injured. The Ministry subsequently sent letters to all the venues on the tour telling them that if The Boys played they would be shut down with immediate effect. Undeterred, The Boys managed to play three secret underground gigs promoted entirely by word of mouth, performed on a top TV channel in Beijing and recorded a live album, which will be released later this year. Matt Dangerfield tells us: "We can perfectly understand why a lot of government officials are nervous right now about anything that attracts crowds – especially while the investigation into the stampede is still ongoing. Nobody knows where the buck will stop and it's likely more heads will roll. But despite our disappointment at the tour being cancelled, we decided to make the best of the situation and we actually had a fabulous time. We absolutely loved China. The people are great, we ate some fantastic food, saw amazing things and had a lot of fun organising and playing the secret gigs. We'd also like to thank Chachy from punk band Round Eye in Shanghai and all his friends and contacts in China who worked so hard to organise everything and help us to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat."


Jan 29. Geezer Butler was nicked yesterday for his alleged involvement in a bar brawl in Death Valley, California. Cops were called to the Corkscrew Saloon at Furnace Creek Ranch in the early hours of Wednesday after a man was assaulted and a window was smashed. The 65-year-old Black Sabbath bassist was banged up in Inyo County Jail and charged under his full name of Terence Michael Butler. The Sheriff's Office report stated: 'Dispatch received a call regarding a verbal and physical altercation at the Corkscrew Saloon. It was determined that there had been an argument that escalated into a physical confrontation. Terence Michael Butler was arrested for misdemeanour assault, public intoxication and vandalism. Butler was booked into the Inyo County Jail and released after detox and citation.' And that's why they call him Geezer!


Jan 28. Some more classic Gonads singles, these three were download only...

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Right, some people we know with genuine cred and a passion for street music are looking for a young charismatic singer to front a hot a new streetpunk band. Auditions will be held. Call it Oi Idol if you like. If you're interested, drop us a line. It could be a goer.


Quick reminder, if you want cheap early bird tickets for Skabour in September you've only got until Saturday to buy 'em.


Jan 27. You can't get mugged down Memory Lane, and to prove it let's revel in past glories for a bit with a very generous Big 8 of the Gonads' superb seven inch single releases straddling 33 years of guttersnipe glory... Here's to the next eight!

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Something very odd happened this weekend in Gonads Towers. We're told that Gal locked himself in a darkened room on Friday and emerged blinking into the light yesterday morning with not one, not two but TWELVE top quality new songs. A worried Fit-Bird tells us: "We didn' see nuffink of him for three days. He was just sat in Waistrel's office with a Gibson Les Paul strumming furiously, interrupted by occasional deliveries of beer, curry and mysterious parcels from a geezer known only as 'The Romanian'... " When Gal finally stumbled back he reportedly had a number two crop and was clutching the words and music to a dozen brand new Gonads songs, including 'Broken Hearts & Broken Knee-Caps', 'Peg Me Sue', 'Marylebone Martyrs', 'White Tights', 'Punk Radio' and 'The Girl With The Golden Snatch'. A puzzled Fit-Bird says: "We have no plans to release anything except the new album, an' that's all bin recorded already. So we don't know why 'e's dun it. Wattsie said it was somethink to do with Anne Thetamine, 'ooever she is. I'm confused." So condition normal then...


Random news: Tony Feedback has quit the sham-Sham and is said to be working on a solo project with his sister Shazza... Tom DeLonge has left Blink-182. Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba will replace him for the band's Musink gig... Glen Ross Campbell's Misunderstood play London's Le Beat Bespoke fest this Easter. The psychedelic Californians were one of John Peel's favourite bands. He once said: "If I had to list the ten greatest performances I've seen in my life, one would be The Misunderstood at Pandora's Box, Hollywood. My god, they were a great band!" Gizelle & the Rhythm Shakers are also on the bill.


Happy bOi!fday Gentleman John. We know you won't do anything daft like drink a small off licence dry. Not without inviting us...


Jan 26. Well, the contest was extremely close. We asked you to design a psycho-skinhead clown for our album cover. Many entered, but at the death it was a battle between artwork from Maria Vazquez from Argentina and Christophe Bernardo dos Santos from Marseille. We were split 50/50, so the final decision was made by Diana Schuler of Randale Records, and her £100 winner is... Christophe. Says Gal: "We'd like to thank everyone who entered the competition. There were some real beauties. I particularly liked Maria's clown but we appreciate everyone's efforts. Cheers!" The new album with its brilliant artwork will be released in April. (And as soon as we know exactly when we'll organise a launch party... with or without Jack the Rippers).


As we write the 12 Bar squat is still in progress although we understand that Wednesday might be crunch day. Conspiracy theorists claim that the historical protected part of the building will NOT be safe when the contractors go in. Meanwhile, in semi-related news, the Bermondsey Joyriders' protest single '12 Bar Beat' is being released on vinyl, and a series of split singles inspired by the spirit of the old club will follow. If this happens, we will be contributing a brand new song.


The Gonads WebsiteJan 25. By popular request (from us), here below is the most hilariously head-banging, off-the-wall contender for our psycho skinhead clown cover contest. This was submitted by Dagenham Dave Wenborn. The final winner, as chosen by Diana Schuler, will be announced here tomorrow. Honest.


Gal's latest podcast is up and running here – as promised, it's his pick of the best tracks played on The Hungry & The Hunted in 2014, whittled down to one winner as chosen by a prestigious jury of Jonny Wah-Wah and Shona Wattsie Watts ("so Mod, she could be Weller" – official). Contenders for the street rock crown include SLF, Menace, the Brompton Mix, the Bar Stool Preachers, Booze & Glory, the Old Firm Casuals and many more...


Eat yer heart out Terry Hayes (PM)! A guitar owned by Johnny Ramone sold at auction in Boston for just shy of £48grand this week. The red 1965 Mosrite Ventures V1 axe was one of nine Mosrite guitars owned by the late, great Johnny. According to Billboard it was sold to his mate, former band driver Gene Frawley. El Tel got a measly £10K for Dee Dee's bass, although in fairness, like Pete Way's "sugar" and Fat Col's pants that's not to be sniffed at.


Jan 24. Sad news. Legendary Oi venue the Deuragon Arms in Hackney borough is to be demolished to build 'pocket flats' for the middle classes. The Deu, in Rosina Street, Homerton, once famed for performances by the likes of Infa-Riot, the 4-Skins and Garry Johnson, will be replaced by 29 400 square foot flats each requiring a £40K deposit. It's Oi – The Gentrification! The pub shut ten years ago and will probably be remembered by locals more for performances by cabaret turns like Ray Martine and drag act Gay Travers, but in those turbulent early days of Oi it became a second home for us, and we mourn its passing. Someone really ought to stick up a blue plaque. Oi woz 'ere.


Quick reminder: the London International Ska Fest will be held over Easter weekend (2-5th of April), with stunning acts including Lee Scratch Perry, Steel Pulse, Freddie Notes and Rico Rodriguez. All the gumph is here.


Random news: All three of the Specials albums have been re-mastered and are to be re-released with rare bonus material on 30th March – more details in issue ten of Street Sounds, out the first week of Feb ("or thereabouts" – Stalin)... new Sick Of It All seven-inch out now – 'Hardcore Equals Freedom', limited to 1,000 copies; b-side 'DNC (Do Not Comply)' (Century Media).


Jan 23. NEWSFLASH: The 12 Bar has been squatted and a protest gig will be held at the venue tonight. We'd go but it's fucking taters out there.


Jan 22. Our old chum, the tireless antifa activist Steve DIY has recently adopted a cross-dressing alter-ego to wind up UKIP. But a furious Fat Col, CEO of Punks For UKIP, responds: "Steve/Steph hasn't worked out that all the 'reasons why people should never should vote UKIP' stuff has a flip side which is 'you should never vote Labour because of ultra-left extremists like him!' Colin goes on: "Also does he have a disproportioned head? Think The Vandals would have something to say about that... " How unnecessary. We are far more transgender tolerant than Col of course, and wish Steve the best of British. We've also suggested to Hawkins & Joseph that he, or she, could model for their women's range. Balaclavas, naturally.


Random news: New Order will release a new studio album this Autumn, their first since Hooky left... black metal herberts Venom have unveiled a new song called 'Grinding Teeth' which is off of their new studio platter From The Very Depths (released next Tuesday). Thank you and Hail Satan.


The Gonads WebsiteIf you complain to Channel 4 about them using music by the Cockney Rejects and the UK Subs in their feeble Angry, White & Proud Show this is how they fob you off: "We are sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the background music in this programme. Channel 4 has a remit to tackle difficult issues and explore marginalised subject matter. This observational documentary is a true reflection of the film-makers' experience. We do not believe that use of music in Angry, White and Proud communicates to the audience an endorsement of the music by contributors in the film. The audience recognises that the music is the choice of the film maker and not the people who appear on screen. We hope that the audience accepts the music for what it is: a part of the creative film making process and not an attempt to align the characters of the contributors with the complex histories of the individual musicians who recorded the songs. However, please be assured your complaint has been logged and noted for the information of those responsible for our programming. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate all feedback from our viewers; complimentary or otherwise. Regards, Dana Gray, Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries." What a load of patronising bollocks! Not that this should put you off complaining. The arrogant tossers might take more notice if me learned friends were involved, though. Call yer brief, Stinky.


Jan 21. The Selecter are back with a new album and a major UK tour. The much-loved 2-Tone heroes hit the road again in February, and release Subculture (their third studio album since they last reformed) later this Spring. The tour dates in full are: Feb 19 Guildhall Gloucester; 20 City Hall Salisbury; 21 The Brook Southampton; 26 The Castle Wellingborough; 27 The Apex Bury St. Edmunds; 28 Concorde 2 Brighton; March 1 Britannia Theatre Chatham; 5 The Flowerpot Derby; 6 The Met Bury; Picturedrome Holmfirth; 8 Brudenell Social Leeds; 12 ABC 2 Glasgow; 13 Lemon Tree Aberdeen; 14 Liquid Room Edinburgh; 15 O2 Academy2 Newcastle Upon Tyne; 19 EVAC Liverpool, United Kingdom; 20 The Globe Cardiff; 21 The Fleece Bristol; 22 The Bullingdon Oxford; 26 Arts Centre Colchester; 27 Koko London; 28 Copper Rooms University of Warwick, Coventry. And you can watch Pauline discussing the tour and the new platter here.


We'd like to clear up the rumour that we will be playing the 100 Club in the next few months by stating categorically that it ain't so. We won't be. It's true that Human Punk had invited us to be part of one of their fine bills. But a communication breakdown ensued after we put in our usual reasonable rider request. It seems that "five steak sandwiches, one cow pie and a pot of English mustard" did not go down well with this West London collective. They refused point blank and instead offered us an "aubergine and chickpea penne" (No idea – Ed). With heavy heart, Fat Col issues the following statement: "We would have liked to have been part of what these boys are doing but there is just no reasoning with them." The clue of course is in the song.


NOOS: The Business play the New Cross Inn, on the right side of the river, on 4th April, with support or more likely hindrance from The East End Badoes... Randale have released a new four track split single from The Clichés and Victory – yes, yes, yes but hurry up and give us a release date for OUR album, meine Lieblinge... and Brix formerly from the Fall (and formerly Mrs. Mark E. Smith) is publishing her autobiography next year...


Jan 20. Here are three of the many brilliant pieces of art submitted by Gonads fans after we asked you to have a go at designing the cover of our new album. We wanted a psychotic skinhead clown. Maria Vazquez from Argentina sent this one:

The Gonads Website

Christophe Bernardo dos Santos from Marseilles, France sent this:

The Gonads Website

And here is one from Raoul Mangen in Luxembourg who says "I have drawn another style of clown because all the psycho-clowns look like Ronald Mc Donald or Pennywise."

The Gonads Website

Frustratingly, Bej from StreetSounds contacted us with her idea of re-drawing the image below with Gal as the central clown smashing through the door and other band members replacing the cowering figures on the right. It would have been blinding. Sadly she never got around to doing it...

The Gonads Website

Our favourites are with Randale Records now. We are waiting, and waiting, for Diana's final decision on the winner. In the meantime thanks to everyone who took part. Cheers!


Gal recorded his latest Hungry & The Hunted podcast yesterday. It was the 'Puke Box Jury' version of the show, looking back at the best of last year's sounds, with Jonny Wah-Wah and Shona Wattsie Watts replacing his usual jury of Max Splodge and Bev Elliott who were sadly both inconvenienced by ill health. We're not sure if this meant more insight, but it certainly sounded less like a Tourette's convention. WankFUCKshitKUNTS. We wish them well, and we'll let you know when it's up.


Jan 19. You can register complaints about Channel 4 using music by the Cockney Rejects and the UK Subs in their piss-poor documentary about the far-Right here


Jan 17. Louise Distras will is releasing a new e.p. on Monday week. Called ‘Bullets’, it includes four tracks from her debut album and four unheard songs plus an exclusive live number. Just 300 CDs have been made, and all have been signed and hand-numbered by Louise. Earlier this month “the UK’s answer to Joan Jett” performed unannounced at the UK Subs’ 100 Club gig with her new band – drummer Jamie Oliver from the Subs and bassist Chema Zurita from The Skeptix. Exciting. In other news NOFX & Friends have released a vinyl seven inch ‘Home Street Home: Sleeping Beauty’ (from the forthcoming “shit musical” Home Street Home) and Less Than Jake’s latest seven incher ‘American Idle’ comes backed with brand new ditty ‘Late Night Petroleum’ – both from Fat Wreck Chords. Meanwhile, the new Nepalm Reloaded is out featuring: an Arsenal-fixated John Lydon exclusive, a Pluto Shervington retrospective, the Sonic Wankers, Jello Biafra – autism or mental illness? (a psychiatrist writes), the Illuminati “named and shamed”, Punks Under The Sheets – sworn testimonies from groupies and ex-girlfriends, Fiji’s Rocksteady Freddie, street psychics, inside The Postmen, Oi’s Greatest Street-Fighters (round one), the cartoons Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t publish and all the usual news and reviews. Plus England’s worst penalty takers. “Unmissable!” – Jermaine Defoe. £5.


Jan 15. Micky Geggus has reacted furiously to Channel 4 dimwits playing a Cockney Rejects song during their so-called documentary on far-Right activists last night. Here is Mick's statement: "When I heard that Channel 4 had used a section of 'Oi Oi Oi' in a programme including themes of racism, I was so angry I nearly choked. If the privileged, middle class twats had even bothered to listen to the lyrics, they would know that 'The kids they come from everywhere, the East end's all around' means exactly that – a rallying call to kids across the globe, from Athens to Zanzibar. My band and I have fought narrow-minded people from both sides of the political divide for over three decades now, and we have the scars to prove it. If it's the last thing I do, I will not let Channel 4 get away with this slanderous act."


Jan 14. It's handbags and gladrags at dawn for mighty rockers Waysted. A stinker of a row has broken out between Pete Way and Fin Muir – both great friends of this band. Legendary pisshead, sorry, bassist Pete accused singer Fin of trying to tour Waysted without him. But Fin hit back saying that he and guitarist Ron Kayfield had been "accused of trying to 'cash in' on Pete's name". He goes on: "Nothing could be further from the truth. We've never made any money (from Waysted). If we get the chance, why shouldn't we hook up again?" Good point. Waysted haven't toured since 2008, and former UFO star Pete has spent the best part of five years recording his solo album Walking On The Edge with Nacho Jase. Fin is best known for his blinding version of 'Lager Top Blues' on our Greater Hits Volume 2, not to mention the small matter of singing TV's The Office theme tune 'Handbags & Gladrags'. "It's a bad business when band mates fall out," whispers a mutual friend. "There are other people involved stirring the shit." And for once it isn't Fat Col.


Jan 13. Sorry to hear that Jimmy Edwards died this afternoon. Jimmy, a veteran of many bands including Masterswitch, Neat Change, and Flintlock, had been around since the 70s and was a close friend of the original Sham 69 as well as being a lovely bloke and a regular guest on Gal's old Rancid Sounds show. He passed away at ten past four this afternoon with his best friend Dave Parsons at his side – here's what he sounded like. R.I.P. mate.


Jan 11. Okay, we promised you big news this month and here it is. Gal has announced that his Garry Bushell Experience project, GBX will take to the stage this year. Fit Bird tells us that the bold new live show will be "be a radical departure, wunnit?" one which will "spell the end of the SkaNads" and "will take Gonadery to anuvver level." GBX will marry "London humour, punk, Oi, Trojan reggae and glamour" in what she calls "an accessible form" that will unite "all aspects of Bushellism" for the very first time. Blimey. The new project will NOT replace the Gonads, who she assures us, will "stumble on as a randy and rumbustious punk rock raspberry for all of 'uman eternity an' beyond". GBX are already taking bookings. Serious enquiries only to Fit Bird, here.


Big News 2. We will have a proper knees-up for The Gonads Greater Hits Volume 3 – The Complete Cobblers. Details of the invitation-only launch will be leaked once we get a definitive release date from our friends at Randale Records. Plans for a stand-alone Son Of Frankenskin ep are also being discussed. But not by us, just some geezer in the Sydney Arms.


Big News 3. DMG begin work on their debut album DIRTY METAL this year. The hard rock herberts are said to have "their boots in the Gonads, their balls in the Faces, their heart in Acacia Avenue and their head in The Battle Of Evermore." Stone the crows, we say. "Yep, they're in the mix too" comes the straight-faced reply.


Not much news about, but our old mates The Rezillos will release their album Zero in March - their first new album since their debut Can't Stand The Rezillos came our nearly four decades ago. Meanwhile Radiation Records in Italy have re-issued Anti-Pasti's The Last Call... lp and GBH's Live At The Ace Brixton 1983 album on vinyl.


Jan 9. Okay, we'll tell you. It's the real Sham 69 who are playing the 100 Club on Friday, February 27th. Tickets are on sale now from here, but move double lively pals as tickets are already going fast and once announced properly it'll sell out quicker than a politician with their eye on a knighthood.


Jan 8. BIG as yet unannounced gig at the 100 Club on 27th Feb (Don't worry, it's not us – it ain't THAT big!). More details when we feel like it...


Cass Pennant's short film Beverley will get two exclusive screenings on Friday week (16th) at - South London's finest bar and cinema (128-132 Borough High Street, SE1). First screening, 6.30pm; then at 8.30pm – the second screening comes with a Q& A followed by a DJ set. Here's an intro trailer on the making of the film.


Jan 6. It has been misreported on this blog and elsewhere that Gal will be sixty in May. In fact he will be 59. Band spokesman Fat Col reports: "Gal was 59 last year, he is 59 this year and will be 59 next year too – by order of the Ministry of Delusion." So mote it be.


We're excited to report that Tony Van Frater is currently putting the finishing touches to his first solo album, rumoured to be titled King Mong. In other news, Patriot's Eddie Oakes has formed a new three-piece Oi combo called Bastard Brigade... punk rapper Rob 'Skinhead Rob' Aston says he's started a new band with Tim Armstrong and members of Nausea; it's called Zerstören – German for to destroy... here is hot sexy mamma Sugary Staple's debut track, 'Original Rude Girl Sound', ... and here's an interview with Jenny Woo:


Jan 5. Hurrah!!! Our latest album, Greater Hits Vol III – The Complete Cobblers, was mixed and mastered yesterday and as we speak is winging its way to the Black Forest, hopefully to emerge fully formed on vinyl and CD sometime in April. There are 21 tracks on the album, plus three bonus songs and one "punishment track". If Volume one was the business, and volume two was well-tasty, where does volume three stand? Well call us biased, but we reckon it's the best yet – and these are just five of the reasons: 1) Dennis Stratton's guitar solo on 'Made In London' 2) The opening five songs are as punk as kick in the bollocks 3) Terry Hayes's guest vocals on 'Backstreet Army' 4) Rocksteady belter, 'What's Happening Now?' is our finest Herbert-pop-reggae song since 'Oi Mate' 5) 'Temazepam' – catchier than a Tinder STD... we love this album like The Yeti loves cock. Click below for the larger pix from yesterday...

The Gonads Website


Jan 4. Gal's new The Hungry & The Hunted music show is up and running at Litopia with special guest Kiria Lepink and her Missy Le Pink pals, plus great songs from The Boys, The Backhanders, The Droogettes, the City Saints, Keyside Strike, Tankus The Henge, Fuzzbrats, Daveit Ferris, Model Society and more. Hear it here. You can submit your songs for the show here.


Dan Connors from The Bruisers is drumming and occasionally singing for hot new band Iron Chin, best described as "good meat and potato rock 'n' roll"; cop an earful here. Meanwhile the search is on for a young lead singer (18 – 25) and backing singers for a new London Ska band. For details contact


Punk For Labour seems to have hit a brick wall. We hear the organisers have yet to find a single band prepared to jump on this particular bland-wagon. One well-placed source whispers: "Most bands who you'd think would be up for it, would vote Labour holding their nose but wouldn't want to endorse Miliband." Try the Bermondsey Joyriders, chaps, or some of the Geordie lads.


Jan 3. Some cruel bastards have pointed out that Gal is sixty this May, which seems ridiculous as it was definitely 1977 the last time we looked in the mirror. Obviously this needs to be celebrated, and who better to organise the knees-up than Fat Col and Terence Hayes, PM? (Pretty much anyone – Ed). Col and Tel have volunteered to head the planning committee for this very select gathering. They've got some mega events to follow. Cock Sparrer reformed for Gal's 25th birthday party at the Bridgehouse, Canning Town in 1980. Judge Dread and the 4-Skins played at his 26th in the same hallowed venue. Gal's 30th saw Buster Bloodvessel, Beki Bondage, Ronnie Rocker, Max Splodge and strange as it may sound Nick Ferrari getting "lager-handed" at the Blackheath & Newbridge Working Man's Club; his 40th was in Bally's, Las Vegas with Engelbert Humperdinck (we're assured that the stories from this will make up a whole chapter of Riff-Raff 2), and his 50th was also in Vegas "with a posse of herberts" although no-one seems to remember much about it. So chaps a few cases of brown ale and a pork scratching buffet in a South East London boozer will not do...


Talking of the PM, the Badoes, the Uppercuts and Insane Society play the Fiddlers Elbow in Kentish on February 1st. £6 on door, bring yer own ear-plugs. In other news Menace play London's Hope & Anchor on Feb 6... and some tickets are still available for the UK premiere of Cass Pennant's film Beverley at the London Short Film Festival.


Jan 2. Good news for all you crazy kids. We told you we were semi-retired and would only consider gigs that were "different or interesting" and lo and behold the worldwide Oi-Oi community has responded with offers aplenty. Gigs are now CONFIRMED in Brittany and Argentina in December. Under discussion are gigs in Austria and the Far East. Gal is still resisting UK shows, but we've had semi-tempting approaches from the North East and a solid London promoter and these will be discussed at our next entirely sober band meeting or Abstinenz Nacht. PLUS Mark McMighty is working on our rock spin-off project DMG and to make life even more incredible, we will soon be in a position to announce details of GBX - the Garry Bushell Experience – which we're told will take Gonadery in a very different direction. ("Yeah – downhill!" – Fat Col.)


Jan 1. Happy New Year!! Advance warning: have new socks at the ready because later this month we'll be announcing something that will blow the ones you're wearing right off...




Random News: On 30th December, Pussy Riot led a night-time demo in Moscow's Manezhka Square demanding an "an end to Vladimir Putin's regime, which is one of the real evils of the world today." (Yeah, that'll work – Fat Col). To prepare for the protest, the Pussies released a minute-long video, 'Witches of Pussy Riot Clean Manezhka'... Paul Simonon is opening a new art exhibit in London on the 20th January. Called Wot No Bike, it consists of a number of paintings showing the former Clash bassist's own bike-related gear, including jackets, boots, helmets, gloves, and books. The press release states that the pictures are "as much self-portraits as they are still-lifes". Wot No Bike will run until 6th Feb at the ICA in the Mall. Very posh. He's also bringing out an accompanying book of prints.




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