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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation.
As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.

Feb 28. Gal recorded his latest podcast today with guests Rhoda Dakar and perhaps more surprisingly South London dance legend Angie Brown. We’ll let you know when it’s up... Afterwards they hit the Queen’s Head with Dave Cairns of Secret Affair. Rhoda had left (for a Spanish language class) by this point, which was probably just as well – she and Dave first met on the same podcast a good ten years ago, when Rhoda took exception to Secret Affair’s ‘Time For Action’ (over the ‘we hate the punk elite’ line) and also to Dave’s choice of newspapers. She caught him reading The Sun in the Angel and sniffed: “I only read Liberation... ” – a reference to the leftwing Paris daily founded by Jean-Paul Sartre, which she naturally pronounced in French. Quel oiseau magnifique!

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The ever-busy Stief A’Billy is about to star in a theatre production of Borstal Boy Opera, which opens on Sat April 26th down at The King's Theatre, Portsmouth. Stief is also recording a video for his World Cup Willie track in Charlton on Sunday fortnight, so if you want to be in it, get in touch. The single will be out as a download in April. How we gonna keep him in FrankenSkin’s mask now that he’s seen Portsmouth?

Out now on vinyl, a limited edition from The Damned called ‘Punk Oddities & Rare Tracks 1977-1982’ on Cleopatra Records, which includes a demo version of their greatest hit ‘Love Song’.

Feb 27. It’s here at last, a blast from the recent past – Chelsea Dom’s review of last weekend’s big Oi show up in the Northern wilds of Hertfordshire: There hasn't been this much excitement in Watford since Elton John came out... and out came the punters in their droves for this very special occasion. No not Elton, but Watford's finest musical exponents bar none, Argy Bargy, for their first ever appearance in their home town. The recently formed Watford Punk Collective treated us to a stellar line-up, with SIX bands in total. Venue for said event was the Flag, slap bang next to Watford Junction station, a mere 20 minutes from Central London and offering a fine range of libations at prices that meant no-one was spotted round-dodging by trying to hide in one of many cavernous spaces (It wouldn’t stop Scoops – Ed). The support acts provided an eclectic mix of sounds that crossed the various genrés of punk rock. Epic Problem, featuring Mackie from the influential Blitz opened, followed by Noise Agents, Uppercuts, Gimp Fist and the Filaments, setting the scene for the evening’s main attraction. The sold out crowd had travelled far and wide, not just from South East London, but Derby, Port Vale, Liverpool, Belfast, Germany, Serbia, the USA. Most of Sparrer were there, members of the Business, Infa Riot, Donkey Laugh and many bands besides. Bargy have gone through numerous line-up changes over the years, gradually building their repertoire and song writing skills. This latest and it has to be said svelte (Are you sure? - Ed) line-up finally seems to have made the band click. The last album really stretched beyond the obvious punk standards, showing touches of musical influence from the Jam to Rose Tattoo, a smidgeon of Small Faces, breaking the boundaries of perceived punk limitations and beyond, evolving their own unique sound. Many of these new songs were played and at last we got to hear them in their intended glory - a packed, intimate audience and a band sounding rejuvenated.

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Svelte Watford: ’ello Jon, got a new venue?

Tonight was pure Bargy: no covers, they're not necessary and as if to emphasise this the band kicked effortlessly from their intro to ‘Out With the Old’. From here on in it was a rampage through favourites old and new - not many bands can play a set consisting a third new numbers, but this just goes to show their quality.The pace continued into ‘Burning Skies’, ‘Natural Born Loser’, ‘Get Out of My Life’ with band & crowd merging as one on the 'woh-o-a-oo-as' of ‘There's Gonna Be a Riot’. Respite came in the shape of the slower ‘Homeward Bound’, with its skanking hooks and choruses. More of the new stuff followed, ‘This is Me’, ‘Looking for Glory’ - such an appropriate song for much of the shit that goes down in the scene today (Leave Stief out of this - Ed),’ No Fun At All’, with a frantic run through of ‘Drinks, Drugs, Football Thugs’ pitched somewhere in between. The remainder of the set was mainly old favourites – ‘No Regrets’, ‘Disappear’ and ‘Don't Wanna Be Like You’, balanced with a touch of hardcore in ‘We Won't Back Down’. This was more of an event, a gathering, than a gig, due to the bond between the band and the audience, thus aptly rounded off with two songs that applaud this friendship and unity, ‘I'll Be There For You’ and ‘(We will always) Stand Strong’ (cos this is where we belong). After a brief pause the encore came in the shape of the much requested ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘One More Drink’. And yes, we did have one more drink and raised a glass to the fine folk of Watford for a truly memorable evening. Although Bargy take the plaudits for the top entertainment, a massive thanks is owed to Peter Gale, the promoter who made this all possible. (The cheque’s in the post – P. Gale)

Feb 26. Roger Daltrey sung his socks off with Wilko Johnson last night, notes our man in the Shepherd’s Bush Empire crowd Fat Col. The pair belted through old Wilko songs including ‘Ice On The Motorway’ and ‘Some Kind Of Hero’. They also performed an R&B version of ‘I Can’t Explain’ and a cover of Dylan’s ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’. Daltrey took the piss out of himself saying the songs were “a lot of shit to remember at my age; if I can't remember it I make it up.” (We know a singer like that – Ed). The old-timers’ joint album Going Back Home is due out this April.

Dagenham’s Underclass UK tell us they’ve posted a track from their new album Not In My Name on YouTube featuring ‘appearances’ from Johnny Thunders, Dave Rubinstein, Dee Dee Ramone, G.G. Allin, Gary Holton, Malcolm Owen, Darby Crash, and Sid Vicious... but it seems to have vanished quicker than Eddie Piller at a pay bar. Copyright issues?

In big name news Green Day are releasing an 18-song demo collection called Demolicious on vinyl release in April, featuring the previously unreleased track, ‘State of Shock’, and an acoustic rendition of ‘Stay The Night'... meanwhile the Oasis album Definitely Maybe comes out in re-mastered form in May to celebrate its 20th anniversary. It will include ‘rare and unreleased’ recordings including their single ‘Whatever’, a demo of ‘Strange Thing’, an acoustic version of ‘Live Forever’ and a demo of ‘Half The World Away’ recorded in Noel’s Tokyo hotel room.

Feb 25. ‘World Cup Willie’ by our pal Stief A Billy has been officially declared “the first great England anthem for 2014” by a panel of experts including the PM and Jeff ‘Stinky’ Turner. You can hear it here... with minor roles for Gal and those sizzling Skarettes... A mighty chorus, we’d have said.

The Rejects’ 35th anniversary show at BH2 in Canning Town on Saturday March 15th has sold out, but there are still tickets available for the Friday 14th show where the boys will be joined by Vince Riordan to play their classic rock album The Wild Ones live for the first time ever. The album was produced by Pete Way and got rave reviews from Geoff ‘Deaf’ Barton. Tommy Vance called them “the British Aerosmith.” This is rock history in the making; an event not to be missed. Tickets here.

Feb 24. The track-list for our ‘best of’ US vinyl compilation, Punk Rock Till I Die, is now confirmed as Side One: Punk Rock Till I Die, Alconaut, Oi! Nutter, Gob, Valhallaballoo, Rob A Bank, Conquest, Grant Mitchell. Side Two: Hey You, Oi Mate, C’mon Motherfucker, Cemetery Of Lost Souls, Dance Fat Boy Dance and British Steel. It is officially “pure punk for row people.”

Saturday night was a tale of two cock-ups. After the Rejects’ triumphant and banged-out Derby show, their van broke down on the M1 and left them stranded for seven hours. But there was another road-crash closer to home when Gal staggered home at 11.30pm after a proper skin-full, downed another two pints of strong cider and then proceeded to do a Skype interview with Starsky Starcevich’s punk radio station in Illinois. Fit-Bird tells us: “’E woke up Sunday and couldn’t remember a fing about it.” By all accounts, it was the best interview he’s ever given.

An emotional Watford Jon reports that Argy’s sold-out home-town gig on Saturday (with Epic Problem, Noise Agents, The Uppercuts, Gimp Fist and The Filaments) was “one of the absolute highlights” of the band’s career. Second only to finding an all-night hotel bar, we’d imagine. Fans turned up from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Scotland, Northern Ireland - and even Luton. Well done chaps.

Feb 23. Apologies! Stief’s Rejects review was delivered yesterday morning as promised, but by text not email and J. Jonah (the moaner) had his phone off. D’oh! Our man in the critic’s chair reports that the show was ‘proper top... all top tunes’ including newer numbers ‘Your Country Needs You’ and ‘East End Babylon’ delivered to a ‘good, responsive and very loud crowd’ in Scarborough. The support band, System Paralysis conjured up ‘an exciting fusion of punk, Ska and grunge’, he notes. News on Derby to follow, and perhaps even a review of last night’s Argy show in Watford from our other intrepid reviewer Chelsea Dom. (If he went).

Random guff: our occasional guest vocalist Leah McCaffrey is to record her debut e.p. later this year, with Mick Geggus on guitar; she’s working on new songs with the great Clyde Ward... Shane Baldwin is writing a book on Vice Squad... the U.S. Postal Service will issue rock-related stamps including Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin this year, James Brown next year, plus a re-release of Elvis’s 29-cent tribute from 1993 (their best-selling stamp ever). A John Lennon stamp is planned, possibly for 2016. Fat Col asked Royal Mail if they would do a SuBo stamp and was told bluntly “No-one wants to lick that.”

Feb 22. Motorhead are doing a cruise! More accurately they’re doing their own cruise festival called Motorboat, which Lemmy is calling “the loudest boat party in the world.” The fest this Autumn will be on a cruise ship between Florida and the Mexican island of Cozumel, starting at Miami and taking in Key West. In a related story, we’ll be busking for loose change on the Woolwich Ferry.

Stief is promising ‘on the road’ coverage of the Rejects’ shows but nothing has come through yet. It’s almost like he’s been asleep for the last eight hours. Come on mate, in the words of Street Sounds’s fearsome J. Jonah Jameson-style editor: “Make it fast, make it first and make it funny – or fuck off.” (How pleasant – Ed). This is not to be confused with our own policy: make it first, make it fast, make it up.

A quick message from the Sidcup Suicide Club: new members urgently required, please bring your own rope.

Out now, one for lovers of vintage West Coast punk: a limited six-track vinyl e.p. from Orange County’s China White. Called ‘Danger Zone’, it sells for just $5.00, is solid and tuneful, and there are just 300 hand-numbered copies available from Burger Records.

We’re hearing disturbing rumours of a punch-up at the Pranksters’ recent Aztec night. An ashen-faced PM tells us “Everything was going fine until this little mob of Conquistadors turned up... ” Tsk, it’s always the quiet ones.

The latest Maximumrocknroll (issue 370) is out now full of Top Ten lists, a feature on the New Orleans punk documentary and interviews with the likes of Mallwalkers and Nervosas. Feel free to send us your Top Ten punk lists as we’re running out of bog paper.

Feb 21. Today sees the start of the Cockney Rejects’ 35th anniversary UK tour up in Scarborough, with Derby tomorrow. Break a leg, boys! (Not literally). Tonight’s show, as well as being filmed for a DVD, is the one we were supposed to support. So with a great deal of sarcasm we’d like to thank the band members who fucked that sweet deal up.

Stief A’Billy’s spiffing world cup anthem, ‘The Revenge Of World Cup Willie’ is now playing on Soundcloud, with Gal guesting on vocals, the Skarettes on bv’s and some tasty horns (insert your own jokes here). Nice work, FrankenSkin. There’s a video coming...

Feb 20. Stiff Little Fingers’ tour dates: 12th Mar 2014 Leeds, O2 Academy; 13th Mar Dublin, The Academy; 14th Mar Belfast, Ulster Hall; 15th Mar Newcastle, O2 Academy; 17th Mar Glasgow, Barrowland Ballroom; 18th Mar Liverpool, O2 Academy;19th Mar Nottingham, Rock City; 21st Mar Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall; 22nd Mar Manchester, The Ritz; 23rd Mar Leamington Spa, The Assembly; 24th Mar Peterborough, The Cresset; 26th Mar Norwich, The Waterfront; 27th Mar Ipswich, Corn Exchange; 28th Mar London, The Forum; 29th Mar Bristol, O2 Academy; 31st Mar Exeter, Phoenix; 1st Apr Portsmouth, Pyramide Centre.

Feb 19. Fat Col has furiously (and hysterically) accused our good friends Randale Records of “betrayal” after they asked us to play their summer festival and then proceeded to book Klasse Kriminale and Evil Conduct instead. The outburst, shortly after closing time last night, appeared briefly on Facebook in language that probably wouldn’t have been mistaken for Alan Bennett whimsy. Mercifully Martin Sporrell (aggressive Gooner) was on hand to give the official Gonads line: that it’s entirely a matter for Randale who they invite to play, there are no hard feelings and besides if these bands want to play for nothing it’s their business.

Prankster Note: it’s Aztec Night tomorrow, please remember to wear your maxtlatl under your tilmatli. Earplugs optional.

STOPPRESS: R.I.P. Bob Casale of Devo who died from heart failure on Monday. He was 61. Bob and his brother Gerald formed the band in Ohio 42 years ago with Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh and Alan Myers.

Feb 18. Quick update: The SkaNads will be back in the studio in the next few weeks recording a track for a new split single... Carry On Oi is out again on vinyl from Plastic Head, featuring the original version of ‘Tucker’s Ruckers’... the remaining members of The Specials have announced eleven November dates; they play: Dublin Olympia (Nov 3), Belfast Ulster Hall (4), Glasgow Barrowland (6), Newcastle O2 Academy (9), Manchester O2 Apollo (11), London Roundhouse (13, 14), Brighton Dome (17), Bournemouth O2 Academy (18), Wolverhampton Civic (20), Nottingham Rock City (22)

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Feb 17. Today in proper news: The Masons album, We Rule The World is officially coming out on Pirates Press and Randale Records in just a few weeks time. The near legendary project, put together by street punk maestro Steve Whale, features a legion of special guests including Jeff Turner, Charlie Harper, Tim Armstrong, Millwall Roi and Colin from GBH. It was recorded at least seven years ago and has been kept out of public reach ever since... it’s almost as if the album has been hampered by the kind of sinister conspiracy you’d normally associate with, um, the Masons.

More news: The Damned are playing a one-off London show in April with tickets available at the 1977 price of £1.70 each. The gig, to celebrate the Captain’s 60th birthday, is at The Forum on the day after St George’s Day. Supports are Ruts DC, Johnny Moped, TV Smith and Ed Tudor Pole. Please note: to screw up the touts, tickets are strictly limited to two per person and are paperless – so you’ll have to present the credit card you bought the ticket with on the night to get in.

Random guff: Our mad mate Theo the anarchist asks us to announce that he has started up a Wattsie Watts Fan Club on Facebook. (Well we did say he was nuts)... Prankster Notice: Thursday night is ‘Aztec Night’. Enjoy!

Feb 16. Grave news from the Punk Rock Curry Club. The inner circle convened last night to impose new rules on future events. It seems that too many “brethren” have tried to duck their share of the bills. So in future, the PRCC has decreed that if you come you are committing to split the bill equally “in the manner of drinking men”. Those who wish to behave differently and state “I wasn’t drinking so I shouldn’t pay” or “but he had a samosa more than me” are politely request to fuck right off or ask for A SEPARATE BILL, like a girl, before the meal commences. So mote it be. (Who let the side down? We don’t like to name names; let’s just say it’s beyond our ‘Control’, that the offenders are out of our ‘League’, or are clearly in disGUYse.) The next meet is in March in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Chaps only, please!

The latest issue out of Street Sounds, issue six, is out now with in-depths chats with Dave Parsons, Secret Affair, Pauline Black, Terry Chimes, Control & Cass Pennant, plus Buddy Ascott’s Japan/Aus tour diary, a pulp fiction special and all the regular columns and reviews. It’s only £2 too, so get stuck in!

This is nice. When storms destroyed the fence at Nads HQ, fencers Mick and Martin volunteered to repair the damage – and they did a blinding job. But when Gal offered the lads “a drink” on top of the agreed price, Mick declined. He said: “We don’t want anything. You’ve given us enough – you gave us Oi!” (We’re welling up here).

Here’s a taster for a new Symarip tribute doc.

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Feb 15. Baby, baby, baby! Is this the new Slade? (No! – Ed). Here, left to right, are Mickey Beaufoy from Sparrer, Watford Jon (with hair), our Gal (full beardsman mode) and living leg-end Clyde Ward pictured at a secret recording session in Fulham some ten years ago. Two songs were put to bed that historic day, ‘Charlton Belongs To Me’ and an alternative version of ‘England My Land’, and we can reveal that they will finally see the light on our long-promised rarities compilation... just as soon as Clyde finds ’em...

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Feb 14. Serious news: we’re getting reports that Wattie Buchan had a heart attack on stage last night while the Exploited were performing live in Lisbon, Portugal. The singer is now under observation in a local hospital. The band have pulled the rest of their shows, posting this message on their Facebook page: ‘I'm sorry to say that due to a severe illness that Wattie can't continue with the tour. He will be in hospital for at least a week. Thanks for all the get-well messages. Much appreciated. Regards, THE EXPLOITED’. The lads, who were on the Tour Of Chaos with Hatebreed and Napalm Death, recently signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records and have been working on a new album. Our thoughts are with Wattie’s nearest and dearest. Get well soon, Walter!

Random news: John Lydon is writing a new autobiography, because nothing jogs the memory like a large advance... the latest issue of Street Sounds is on sale NOW... Gal and Nick Welsh are collaborating on a new song with the tantalising title: ‘The Boy Who Found Joy When He Swapped Ska For Oi.’

Happy Valentine’s Day! Fat Col is in disgrace for posting romantic odes on Wattsie’s Facebook account. One read: ‘Our love is like something out of a Western/I suppose a blow-job is out of the question’. We can confirm that indeed it is.

Feb 13. Calling all readers in Orange County, Californian, Exene Cervenka is having a giant boot sale this weekend flogging off her books, LPs, original artwork, clothes, posters, religious icons and a black-and-white photo of the X singer’s ex John Doe. “I know this guy, so I don't need a picture of him,” she sniffs, sounding remarkably like Wattsie talking about Fat Col.

Stinky Turner’s mate Morrissey has booked Cliff Richard to open for him in New York. Proof positive that a vegetarian diet rots the brain.

Out this week from Taang: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ second album ‘More Noise And Other Disturbances’ on vinyl with a gatefold cover, and Slapshot’s ‘Chip On My Shoulder’ DVD...


Feb 11. The near legendary Girls Next Door track ‘Too Late’ is out now as a download. The late 90s recording by the female Ska duo was produced and co-written by our own Clyde Ward, and features a young Sam Bailey... which is why the papers are all over it like a fat bird on a bag of chips. Says Clyde: “It is a treat for Sam’s fans, and one that shows that she has creative talent as well as an amazing voice – Sam co-wrote the lyrics. It’s also a treat for 2-Tone fans because it sounds like a Madness song played by the Selecter. I was blown away by both girls’ voices and enthusiasm at the time and gutted that we couldn’t get a deal for them back then.” You can get it from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Play.

Top Three Unreleased Records We’ve Heard About But Have Never Been Able To Buy:1) The Masons’ album, We Rule The World – brilliant, ballsy and still sitting in the can after at least six years. 2) Our track, ‘Say What You Like’ – so open to misinterpretation that Waistrel has slapped a thirty year ban on it. 3) Nick Welsh’s ‘Taliban Batty Man’ – too risky...

Feb 10. Gal plays a bingo caller on Nick’s latest song ‘Punk Rock Holiday Camp’, recorded earlier today, and we reckon he’s missed his vocation. Talk about “all the sevens, 77... ” Just as well Fat Col wasn’t involved or it would have been “Six and Nine, that’s a mouthful.” (For two fat ladies, see The Yeti and her sister Brunhilde). King Gonad also pops up at 9pm tonight on Channel 5, discussing the Cockney controversialist (and Charlton Boy) Jim Davidson...

Plans are still in place for a SkaNads collaboration with Skaville UK, called SkaNads UK – watch this space for developments.

Feb 9. News update: Our new vinyl compilation for the States will now be called Punk Rock Till I Die – The Best of The Gonads 1998-2013.

The latest issue of Street Sounds is just days away. Issue #6 features Sham 69, Secret Affair, The Selecter, Terry ‘Tory Crimes’ Chimes, Control, Punk in China, The Chords in Japan, a celebration of Pulp Fiction and Cass Pennant’s new film Beverly along with all the usual columns, reviews and cartoons – all for £2, which last time we looked was less than the price of half a pint of beer in Shoreditch. So don’t blag a copy, don’t steal one, support our scene and buy the magazine with pride knowing that it’s a bloody good read. Issue #6 is available for pre-order now from here.

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Feb 8. Gal and Wattsie did their first day of filming on hot new heist movie Gatwick Gangsters today. Fat Col writes: “It was like watching vintage Bob Hoskins interacting with a young Vivien Leigh, although I ain't sure which one was which... ” Gal plays tough-talking East End ‘businessman’ George Bourne, Wattsie is his PA Lucy Linfield. Gal’s character is “vulgar, coarse, aggressive and full of whisky” (so type-casting then), Wattsie’s Lucy combines smarts and looks with “the voice of Kathy Burke”. Their first scene, shot on location in wettest Surrey, involved “a moody Arab Sheik and a shed-load of gold”. Col adds: “Wattsie got her legs out for the role, which surprised me as before now I’ve only seen her legless... ” Visionary producer Sally ‘Shampagne’ Clack dubbed the pair “naturals, absolutely brilliant.”

Feb 7. The disturbing tendency for Actual News to appear on this blog continues with today’s announcement that you can expect Gonads/Infa-Riot double-headliner gigs later this year, and Gonads US gigs in July.

Feb 6. The SkaNads are to record a second ep featuring four brand new songs, their new horn section and a special guest singer.

Duffy’s Cut’s debut album ‘Duffy’s Cut’ is out now in Europe via our Friends at Randale. It’s a co-production with Oi! The Boat Records, with a special run of 100 on ‘gold’ vinyl. CD digipack also available. Have a butcher’s here.

Rare Stone Roses and Oasis demos are to be auctioned off in Stockport later this month. Items include a nine-track Oasis demo recorded in 91/92, a Stone Roses demo featuring unreleased track ‘Sun Still Shines’ and a rare Oasis promo cassette of ‘Definitely Maybe’. They go under the hammer at Omega Auctions on 21st and 22nd Feb.

Feb 5. Anyone else think the PM is turning into Wilfred Bramble???

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Feb 4. Today's Real News from the punk and Ska transfer window: 1) Gentleman John Woodward has rejoined the Gonads on rhythm guitar. 2) The SkaNads are auditioning an extremely hot horn section this month. 3) The search for suitable flag-girls for Blackpool is on!

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Martin Sporrell (aggressive Gooner) starts flag-girl auditions for Rebellion.
Or as the Judge used to say: "Y Viva Suspenders!"

These appalling images are from last night's Punk Rock Curry Club. Taken by Gal, they show the excessively merry crew in the old Halal restaurant in Whitechapel. Those present and politically incorrect were: Robin Guy (Sham), Manic Esso (Lurkers, GLM), Buddy Ascott (The Chords), Mark Wyeth (Symarip), the PM (reborn Badoe), Slippery Lee Wilson (Infa-Riot), Si Stebbing (Purple Hearts), and Steve Whale (producer and co-writer of the Louise Distras album). Paul Hallam (Stalin of Style) had already departed on vital Street Sounds business. Unfortunately no Curry Club member can recall a single printable thing that happened during the long evening, except that it started in the Oliver Conquest and finished messier than Lee Ryan's love life... Apologies for absence were received from Hoxton Tom (working), John King (beer-monstering elsewhere), Chelsea Dom ("tired" - poor show), Tony Feedback ("car broke down"), Wattsie Watts ("sleeping" - outrageous!), Gentleman John (working), and webmistress Batttttty (bailing 73456874 gallons of water from between her bathroom floor and the kitchen ceiling before there was no kitchen ceiling).

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Robin, Manic & Buddy

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The PM, Slippery Lee, Si & Steve

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Bud, Oi - The Silk, & the Lad Himself

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The Gonads: flying the flag for anti-fascist Oi since the beginning

Feb 3. Today’s Real News: Phil McDermott formerly of The East End Badoes is replacing Nacho Jase as Gonads guitarist. The split is amicable and we wish Jason well. More line-up jiggery-pokery will be confirmed in a bit.

Feb 2. Real news: 1) We will be playing ‘The Joys Of Oi’ live for the first time in decades when the Gonads storm Rebellion in August. 2) Gal & The Gonads USA will play a short tour of the East Coast later this year. The Gonads USA consist of the Uprisers, featuring the legend that is Jay ‘Tripod’ Letendre. 3) A new vinyl compilation Punk Rock Will Never Die II: the Best of the Gonads 1998 - 2014 will be released on vinyl exclusively in the States this year. More details to follow, and more explosive real news tomorrow.

Feb 1. Congratulations Liberty Hayes who gave birth to her first child, a son called Teddy, earlier today. In a shock development her father, the PM, actually turned up at the hospital on time.