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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation.
As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.

Dec 18. This blog is closing down and going into hibernation three days ahead of the Mayan D-Day. If the world does end on Friday, as predicted, then it’s been a blast! If not, we’ll see you after Christmas. (So see you after Christmas, then). Have a good’un! Live free, die free!

While we’re away, if you’re feeling Christmassy and you have a fiver spare, why not sling it in the hat for the country’s homeless. It’s bloody cold out there, people.

*Gal’s latest podcast is finally up, with special guest Mickey Geggus of the Cockney Rejects and top tracks from Viva Le Pink, Dublin's Hooligan, the Tuesday Club, GLM, the Toasters, Voodoo Vegas, Zen Motel, the Idle Hands, Missing Andy, Section 60, East End Promises, Last Seen Laughing, The Stereotypes and Choking Susan. Surprisingly, a brand new Gonads demo may be in the mix as well.

When we’re back, expect details of the forthcoming Gonads album ‘Built For Destruction’, due from Randale Records around April time. This album consists largely of the “raw and electric” but controversial ‘bootleg’ tapes that were the subject of expensive legal action for most of this year. It was recorded after ‘Glorious Bastards’ and those who have heard it say it’s even better than that gem. One of the unheard songs, ‘Let’s Go Motherfucker’ will be available first on an exciting new Randale Oi comp and is said to be “a celebration of Greek unrest” that also “warns of the dangers inherent in following self-styled leaders”. Another new number ‘Punch Punch (Your Fuckwit Head)’ concerns “shit bands who try and make themselves sound ‘dangerous’ by flirting with discredited political belief systems and regurgitating clapped-out clichés.”

Okay here as promised are some shots from Saturday’s sizzling psychobilly wedding. Details are scarce – it got a bit messy - but as you know Ginge & Amanda tied the noose at The Boston Arms in London's Tufnell Park (little Oiland). Two-metre quiffs were in abundance and sixteen bands played including King Kurt, The Coffin Nails, The Pharaohs, The Noxious Toyz, Sgt Bilko’s Crazy Combo, and The Highliners. Among the guests were Rick Buckler, Jennie Belle Star and a Christmas Fairy (Stief in a tutu and various under garments more suited to Pat Butcher). The bride looked stunning in a black and red 50s dress with skull and cross-bone designs, the groom drummed for at least five bands, and Steve ‘Klunky’ Clark of The Coffin Nails managed to stay sober just long enough to tattoo wedding bands on the happy couple’s fingers, where the actual wedding rings were placed. Glenn Daeche opened the service with an amazing version of 'True Love Ways’ - not a dry eye, or glass, in the house; Doyley was best man, Reverend Captain Drugbuster conducted the service. And then it was business as usual with loud, raucous rock, copious alcohol, and a scary, skull-themed cake... Only Fat Col cast a downer on the proceedings by telling anyone who’d listen: “Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman's sex drive by 90%... It's called wedding cake.” Poor show.

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Jennie Bellestar and the slightly less “belle” Guitar Slingers

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Mad Lonesome from Germany’s Satanic Stomp. (Mad Lonesome? Wasn’t that Dave Long’s nickname?)

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Hens pose while the Highliners rock out

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Quiff-handed psychobilly maestro Phil ‘Doyley’ Doyle'

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Mister Mike Lister, double-sized double bass player with the Wigsville Spliffs

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Groom Ginge spots an opportunity to consummate the marriage off-stage...
Amanda’s little sis puts the brakes on

While we are off-line we will be launching a Panorama-style investigation into some shocking allegations concerning the activities of a once-respected Oi legend. If these allegations prove to be true then the charmless berk will be named and shamed in the name of righteous street-punk justice. Meanwhile here’s another shot from the estimable OiOi The Shop in Camden showing a visit from Sparrer’s own Colin McFaull, and daughter Hannah, Skippy from Pirates Press, Mark Boozer and the rather fetching Joanna Wojciechowska-Rusek (not sure how to pronounce that surname but it’s worth 197 points in Scrabble).

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Our fashion correspondent sniffs at Lars’s latest look saying that “no self-respecting skinhead has worn a donkey jacket since 1969.” However we kinda like it and suggest the lads below form a brand new band – The Dustbin Men. One old skin fashion that should make a come-back is the sheepskin coat. We understand that Tony ‘Boozer’ Barker has a lock-up full of ’em, just in case we manage to kick-start a revival.

Dec 17. Here is leading cat-walk pin-up Lars Frederiksen with Mark Boozer and Tommy Storback modelling an exciting new range of donkey jackets, believed to be the work of some designer called Murphys (roads dug, ash-felt laid)... yeah, don’t call us lads.

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Andy Perriss has left Bad Manners. He states: “I have decided today that due to personal reasons, that the time has come for me to hang up the old cherry red Doc Martens and retire from playing guitar with Bad Manners with immediate effect. I unfortunately will not be taking part in the Christmas tour this year as planned. I have enjoyed many years with the band, toured some fantastic places in this world and made many, many friends along the way. For that I will always be grateful and will look back fondly on those times. Amongst other reasons, I have decided to dedicate more time to other musical projects I am involved in, and also spend more time mentoring my kids in music. I will at least be able to use my ‘experiences’ with Bad Manners to guide them in a positive way and hope they go on to enjoy making music with as many great people as I have. Thanks. AP.”

A furious Henry Hitchens attacks this blog for “trivialising” the spiritual faith of pranksters, who believe that the winter solstice on Friday will open a portal to a new age of humanity. (This coincides with the Mayan prediction concerning the end of the current ‘baktun’.) Henry invites us to “a Party At the End of Time” at a location near Glastonbury Tor on Thursday night. Scholars, Pranksters, "Mayanists", astronomers, mystics, Franky Flame and South Coast Steve are said to be attending, along with others merrily giving themselves up to the ocean of mumbo-jumbo which will close over them like water over the head of a drowning man. We would go but it appears that night we are washing our hair.

Dec 16. While we wait for our network of hung-over reviewers and informants to send through reviews of the Sparrer & Rancid show, the big Psychobilly wedding and Friday’s Bridgehouse reunion, we’ll kill some time with this genuine Shop Page news: back in stock for your OiOi Christmas: the SkaNads ep on vinyl! StreetSounds issue 1! Charlton Boys badges! PLUS The Gonads Greater Hits Volume 2 (three copies left) and Volume 1 (one copy left); PLUS Dance Craze for £5 for five more days... and Gal’s ‘Just The Filth’ CDs which are going like hot whores in a Bangkok brothel. Order quick to avoid disappOi!ntment from here.

By the way, StreetSounds issue 2 is expected mid-January...

Our brothers in New York, Maninblack may be preparing for the end of the world on 21st December, but Henry Hitchens, a learned scholar from the Pranksters’ occult Golden Dawn chapter, tells us that there is “nothing in the Mayan prophecy that indicates the coming Apocalypse”; rather, says Henry, the date denotes “a positive change for humanity”. The Pranksters themselves believe that 21st December marks the beginning of “a new era of global brotherhood” and cite the appearance of “a scarf-wearing beagle” (as foretold in Prankster lore) as evidence that they are correct. For proof, here is Charlie seen proudly wearing the sacred scarf of the PM. It is thought that the MPL (Midget Protection League) also subscribe to the so-called cult of Charlie. So mote it be, and all that, but just in case they’re wrong we would advocate that you spend December 20th getting pissed, stoned and shagging your brains out as normal.

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Here are our mates at Oi!Oi! The Shop in Camden showing off the latest Sparrer vinyl. That’s the Bruces at the back...

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Dec 15. The case against former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan has finally been thrown out of court in New York. His legal ordeal began with the infamous hardcore brawl at the CBGBs festival in July, when NYC legend Flanagan was arrested and accused of stabbing current Cro-Mags member Mike ‘The Gook’ Couls. Harley said he was acting in self-defence after being jumped by a number of gits in the dressing room. He appeared before the court at 100 Centre Street on three separate occasions facing four second degree felony assault charges and weapons possession, each hearing was adjourned. When the case was finally dismissed this week, Harley commented: "The only thing I was ever guilty of, was defending myself."

Our pal, Noxious Toy diva and self-styled “fifth Gonad” Stief A Billy has been moonlighting as an actor on the forthcoming Green Street 3, which we sincerely hope is better than GS2, what a crock of shit that was. Rumour has it that he plays a rather snarling and aggressive, yet strangely camptastic ICF member... think Rylan Clark with an Equity card. Stief was also seen mingling, no, hold up, mingling seems such a welcoming word, STALKING, that's better, he was seen stalking the likes of Scott Adkins and Jack Doolan (pictured, who deserved that black eye just for starring in the Only Fools legacy-besmirching Green Green Grass Of Home)

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In music news, Mick Geggus is working on an album project with Terry ‘Tory Crimes’ Chimes from the Clash and Dave Higgs of the Hot Rods. They’ve booked a London studio for a week in January and will finish it off in Sweden in the Spring...

Random guff: Gonads vinyl now on sale at All Ages in Camden... new Blink ep 'Dogs Eating Dogs' is out on Tuesday... new from Fat Wreck Chords: Less Than Jake’s ‘Greetings & Salutations’ lp and from Hendon band Snuff ‘5-4-3-2-1... Perhaps?’, which is said to be a return to their late eighties, post-Specials roots... Tiffini Travis, co-author of the hefty tome Skinheads: A Guide to an American Subculture, tells us she may move to Britain for a year to research a similar academic study of British skins...

Reports on the Rancid/Sparrer gig and the BH2 reunion jolly-up may follow, but no further light will be shone on a high-level London meeting yesterday afternoon involving Gal, Jeff Turner and Norwich Matt amongst others. The discreet meet was disrupted by a bunch of Coutts bankers on an Xmas beano. One woman, as drunk as 1,000 Gonads, mistook Matt for Wilf Self and attempted to debate the relative merits of the Cockney Rejects and the Black Keys. Like most bank accounts, our chaps rapidly lost interest... Another lashed-up lovely in a hat proclaiming ‘Kiss Me Slowly’ grilled Gal about the newspaper industry. “The meeting was ruined by a bunch of drunken bankers,” sniffs a disgusted Fat Bird. “But no deposits were made, if you knoworrimean.” We don’t but never mind. Better luck next year, chaps.

Dec 14. Here's the full line up for tomorrow’s psychobilly wedding (some tickets still available): 3pm Spacewasters. 3.40pm Sgt Bilko’s Crazy Combo. 4.20pm Moonshine Stalkers. 5pm The Uppercuts. 5.40pm The Noxious Toyz. 6.20pm Wigsville Spliffs. 7pm The Pharaohs 7.40pm The Richochettes 8pm The WEDDING! 9pm. Captain Drugbuster/Zorchmen. 9.15pm Guitar Slingers. 9.35pm The Shakin’ DTs 10pm Nigel Lewis/Zorchmen. 10.25pm The Highliners (with guests Rock Buckler and Jennie Matthias 10.55pm. Coffin Nails 11.25pm King Kurt... Ah, it makes us nostalgic for Gal’s wedding in Las Vegas back in 2000, when we hit sin city sixty-handed. A photo shoot with various Gonadettes was interrupted by the Vegas cops who accused us of “shooting a porn film”, best man Mickey Pugh had an extraordinary run of luck at the Aladdin casino, the details of which had best stay unpublished, friends of Wilf Pine laid on a limo trip and the East End’s own Billy Bishop provided wedding security. Herberts in attendance included Banjo Vic (RIP), Charlton Tel, Si Spanner, since-disgraced Cockney conman ‘Spider’ Hizer, Arsenal Steve, Millwall Dan, Chinese Tim (RIP), a Baby Spice lookalike, mimic Francine Lewis, glamour girl Angelique Houston, TV’s Fleur Golding and Page 3 legend Christine Peake. Oh, and Essex Herbert Dougie the Gold who lost about fifty gold chains when the New York New York roller-coaster ride turned upside down. Laugh? Spider almost bought a drink.

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Dec 13. Has the fabled ‘Curse of the Rejects’ struck Gal’s podcast? Although recorded on Tuesday, the pod has yet to go ‘live’ as station boss Tony Wilson has succumbed to a mystery virus. Possibly Custom-house-itis...

It’s 12-12-12 today. You know what that means? Absolutely fuck all! But don’t tell the Pranksters. The numerology-obsessed brethren are celebrating the occasion with special events and socials all over the UK.

New Dropkick Murphys’ song ‘The Boys Are Back’ posted here.

Legendary Jamaican trombonist Rico Rodriguez MBE will be performing his 1976 classic 'Man From Wareika' album in full at London's famous Jazz Cafe on 28th March. DJ for the evening will be reggae connoisseur David Katz; support tba. Tickets at £18.50 a pop are only available from here. Dinner tickets also available - email for details.

Dec 11. Well here it is, Gal's 'Just The Filth' album in handy CD form. This run of the 15-track opus is limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies, and as it's Christmas we're going to limit the price to £5. Yep, just one Lady Godiva at gigs, (or £6.99 including recorded delivery if you get it from the shop page). And for a Commodore (that's £15, cos it's three times a lady) you can get Fat Col's Xmas triple: 'Just The Filth' + 'Glorious Bastards' + 'Live Free Die Free' (£15 plus p&p). We've got more bargains than Del-Boy Trotter! But please be aware as you see Gal's CD is how it comes, in a humble plastic wallet; nothing fancy. The album is of course available as a download too. (We have been asked about a vinyl version; at the moment there are no plans to release one, but we'll let you know if that changes.)

Just The Filth

Gal recorded his Xmas pod-cast today, with special guest Mickey Geggus of the resurgent Cockney Rejects and terrific tracks from Viva Le Pink, Hooligan, Tuesday Club, GLM, the Toasters, East End Promises, Voodoo Vegas, Zen Motel, the Idle Hands, Missing Andy, Section 60, Last Seen Laughing, The Stereotypes and Choking Susan. Surprisingly, a brand new Gonads song may be in the mix an' all... We'll let you know when it's up, missus.

NEW from Countdown books: KHAN - MEMOIRS OF AN ASIAN FOOTBALL CASUAL; the true story In a true story of Riaz Khan, born to traditional Pakistani parents in Leicester, who found his own identity as a 1980s football casual culture who ran with Leicester City’s Baby Squad. As Riaz says: “We were proud to be British and not Pakistani. I did not want to have an arranged marriage or go to weddings or religious ceremonies. But the community used to shun us for not being ‘ethnic’ enough... " Khan is available for £7.99 + p&p from here.

PS. On this day in 1981: 'Carry On Oi!' was released, the third of the four Oi! albums which were compiled by Gal. ‘Carry On Oi’ featured Blitz, the Business, and of course the Gonads, as well as The Partisans, Infa-Riot, Red Alert, The Ejected, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, the Last Resort, the 4-Skins, radical street poets Garry Johnson and Oi The Comrade, amongst others. Many consider this to be the best of the original Oi albums.

Dec 9. Well, we’ve seen the stags, here come the girls! (Though frankly we reckon the snapper had been on the Schnapps... )

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The Gonads Website

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Bride-to-be Amanda reveals honeymoon night position three...

*As mentioned a while back our Septic mates Maninblack will be performing at the END OF THE WORLD EVENT on 21st December at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan. Guests include DOOMSDAY! The Ultimate Mephiskapheles Unplugged Tribute who were originally scheduled to perform with Maninblack at the cancelled Halloween event, dark punk bluesman Darren Deicide, and DJ Black Dalek who for some will seem very familiar but we've promised not to say why. The event starts at 8pm. Maninblack are on-stage after 10 PM while DJ Black Dalek spins Punk, Oi!, Skinhead Reggae, Glam, Pub Rock, Two Tone, EXTERMINATE! As always the DDS features infamously cheap drinks and admission is free. It's a Friday night, it's the end of the world, what more could you ask for? Erh, a 2013 Mayan calendar? PS Maninblack will be joined by former member Brian Blainey on drums, after new drummer David Masem left (a record even for them!) André Schlesinger tells us "several flags went up immediately after David joined the band, we noticed that he was delving in to particularly kooky conspiracy theories that involve the government's nefarious control of weather events and Right Wing Tea Party style birtherism just to name a few. He didn't return calls, he didn't discuss options, he just quit, ranting and raving, leaving us holding the bag."

Dec 8: We’re happy to announce that NACHO JASE is back in the GONADS and will be with us when we play the BLACK FOREST on March 9th. Lord Waistrel intervened personally to ensure guitar star Jase stays on as a full-time member of this band. On the odd occasion when he can’t meet our live commitments, Jason will be replaced by a seriously good sub (possibly a UK one); that way, said Waistrel “the dream team behind Greater Hits Volume I and II will live on.” The reasons behind Jason’s short-lived ‘leave of absence’ have been put down variously to “a misunderstanding”, unspecified “mischief” and more credibly “hang-overs.” This does mean however that Jase will not be at our next gig, in Bletchley in February...

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Next Saturday (15th) sees the Psychobilly Royal Wedding of the year as our pal Ginger Meadham marries the gorgeous Amanda Myers... The ceremony will take place live on stage at The Boston Arms in Tufnell Park, with sixteen bands on the bill ranging from Sgt Bilko’s Crazy Combo to The Noxious Toyz via The Coffin Nails and the renowned King Kurt. Special guests are likely to include Rick Buckler (The Jam), Gal (circumstances permitting) and Jennie Belle Star. Ginge’s stag night took place last night, with a host of colourful, and let’s be honest, spooky-looking individualists hitting The Elephant’s Head in Camden. These gin-soaked wretches included Philip 'Doyley' Doyle (top psychobilly producer from the great Diablo Records, and also Ginge’s best man) and various other herberts from The Highliners, The Guitar Slingers and The Toyz along with the aforementioned Buckler and Belle Star. (Yes, we know that it was a stag do and Jen is a lady, but she was asked to be butch and played the part rather ruddy well if you ask us; I mean, surely the strap-on was going too far... ) Much drunken baffoonery ensued, and record levels of Jack Daniels and Jagermeister were consumed by all and sundry. Stief recalls hazily “I think there was some table dancing going on one point, but that could just be the Jager talking... ” Some tickets for the nuptials are still available for a pony – yep, just £25 to see a live wedding and sixteen top Psycho-Punk bands at the all-dayer of the year. (No, Colin, there are no tickets for the honeymoon night). To join the fun, contact Ginge or Doyley via their facebook pages and as if by magic the great christmas fairy will get them delivered to you. (We don’t think this is a reference to Stief, but you never know). A full review of the big day itself will be up here as soon as our intrepid reporter sobers up next weekend...

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The Gonads Website

The Gonads Website

The Gonads Website

IT’S not all good fun though, some nitwit called Hallam has gone and got these made...

Dec 7. 46, that's right FORTY-SIX Rancid singles have just been released (or unleashed) by Pirates Press in the US. These are 's/t', 'Adina', 'Another Night', 'Rejected', 'Holiday Sunrise', 'Nihilism', 'Tenderloin', 'I Am The One', 'St. Mary', 'Midnight', 'Maxwell Murders', 'Olympia WA', 'Ruby Soho', 'Old Friend', 'As Wicked', 'Intro', 'Black Lung', 'Hooligans', 'Who Would've Thought', '1998', 'Something In The World Today', 'Don Giovanni', 'Poison', 'Rattlesnake', 'Black Derby Jacket', 'Young Al Capone', 'Indestructible', 'David Courtney', 'Arrested in Shanghai'/'Travis Bickle', 'Spirit Of '87', 'Born Frustrated', 'Stand Your Ground'/'Otherside', 'Just A Feeling', 'Blast 'Em', 'Devil's Dance', 'Things To Come', 'Kill The Lights', 'Dead And Gone', 'East Bay Night', 'I Ain't Worried', 'Civilian Ways'/'The Bravest Kids', 'LA River', 'You Want It, You Got It'. 'East Bay Night (acoustic)', "Disconnected (acoustic)' and 'You Want It, You Got It (acoustic)'

Also just out, the 'Greatest Hits' 7" from the Somali Pirates, featuring Zack Nelson (In Control, Retaliate, Stand Your Ground) and Max MacDonald (Vagrant Records' No Motiv) - available from Camel Clutch Records.

RIP Sarah Kirsch, dedicated Bay Area activist and punk musician. Sarah died on Wednesday aged 42 after a long battle with Fanconi Anaemia.

Dec 6. Lip up, not-so-fatty! Well done to our mate Rob ‘Mitch’ Jones from The Communicators whose sensational feat of slimming has earned him a massive write-up on The Sun online today. Rob, 37, nicknamed Mitch because he looked like the Michelin Man, shed TEN stone after his wife dumped him and has been named the Cambridge Weight Plan’s Slimmer of the Year 2012. You can read his moving story, preferably between mouthfuls of lovely chips, here. Now, who’s next for a bit of street-culture slimming? Dom? Richie Biteback? Fat Col???

NEW from Fat Col: a very special range of punk-themed Xmas gifts, including: customised Charlie Harper slippers, cardigans and pensioner-punk long-johns! The Thomas Mensforth Horror Mask (terrify your kids with this frighteningly realistic Mensi face-mask!). The Bumper Book of Terry Hayes Excuses for Absence (includes “the dog ate my car keys”, “I was gonna come but I fell asleep” and the ever-popular “I had to run my daughter to Southend/Colchester/Bangkok”). Frankie Flame’s Psychic Khazi (take a trip into the unknown every time you use this ‘throne’),... and much more, including the Gal Gonad stick-on beards (black, grey and goatee) and Si Spanner supplied ‘Infected’ strap-ons in various sizes. Fat Col and his fabled swag bag can be found in the Red Lion, Shooters Hill, any match day.

Those happy souls The Selecter have announced dates for their 2013 ‘String Theory’ tour. It kicks off in Stroud Sub Rooms 28th Feb, then Bristol Fleece, 1/3, Exeter Phoenix 2/3, Liverpool Academy 2 3/3, Newcastle Academy 2 7/3, Glasgow Oran Mor 8/3, Edinburgh Liquid Rooms 9/3, Sheffield Academy 2 10/3, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms 14/3, Hertford Corn Exchange 15/3, Wolverhampton Robin 2 16/3, Cardiff Globe 17/3, Norwich Waterfront 21/3, Whistable East Quay 22/3, London Assembly Hall 23/3, Brighton Concorde 2 24/3, Colchester Arts Centre 28/3, Leeds Brudenell 29/3, Nottingham Rock City 30/3, Coventry Auditorium 31/3. String Theory the album is out in Feb.

Random bollo: The Dwarves are offering fans a free download of their new song ‘We Only Came To Get High’ - all you have to do to get it is ‘like’ Riot Style Records’ facebook page... and we meant to tell you this last month, God’s Lonely Men (aka GLM, formed by three quarters of The Lurkers), have just released their debut album ‘Chemical Landslide’. GLM consists of former Gonad Manic Esso, Nigel Moore and Pete Stride. Esso tells us the critical response has been great “but there aren't any sixteen year old babes camping out on my front lawn.” Well, it is West London mate. (Expect a visit from Operation Yewtree soon enough though, tubs). You can hear a track or two on Gal’s next podcast (a Xmas/Rejects special) which will be on-line by the end of next week, medical matters permitting.

Dec 5. Just think, this was thirty blimmin’ years ago...

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Pukka news: the brand spanking new Gonads song ‘C’mon Motherfucker’ will be featured on a rather tasty Oi! compilation released by Randale next year, the lyrics concern Greek unrest... And whisper this: we’re thinking about releasing an e.p. in the New Year featuring the even newer punk-pop anthem ‘Not Cheryl Baker’ as the a-side... we’re also discussing a Gonads punkabilly (Nadabilly?) ep which would consist of rockabilly versions of such established classics as ‘Pink Tent’ and ‘Valhallaballoo’ as well as Gal’s new song ‘City Of Bones’ which will be recorded in January for nefarious purposes involving the Noxious Toyz...

It’s looking increasingly likely that we will be back in the USA next summer for our first tour since 1998. Gigs in Boston, Vegas and Frisco are “about 80% confirmed” according to Harvey Garden, and our associates in New York and LA are confident that shows in their fair cities will be “as sorted as Royal Mail” whenever we want them. But what about Texas, Seattle, Florida, New Hampshire, CT and all points west? C’mon (motherfuckers) if you wants us in your burb, we wanna play, so talk to us, why don’tcha?

The Specials are playing a fresh UK tour next May. Gigs kicks off at Glasgow Barrowland on May 10, followed by: Newcastle O2 Academy (13th), Manchester O2 Apollo (15th), Liverpool Olympia (18th), Leicester De Montford Hall (19th), Birmingham O2 Academy (21st), Newport Centre (23rd), Margate Winter Gardens (25th), Portsmouth Guildhall (26th), London O2 Academy Brixton (28th)

Well done to the Cockney Rejects for their magnificent pair of shows in Glasgow and Liverpool supporting Rancid. The boys played a blinder! Our apologies for plugging the Rejects Wimbledon gig which had been cancelled by the promoter – we were responding to a request from Jim The Piddler. The blame is all pinned on AFC Wimbledon who said: “It is with massive regret that due to the nature of the weekend with the FA Cup game against Milton Keynes on the Sunday and the subsequent media attention on the club right now, it has been decided by the club and the Cockney Rejects to postpone the gig. It is with really heavy heart that we do this.” Not quite sure we follow the logic as it was an away game, but who knows how these wretched deadbeats work.

Here is Richie Biteback’s review of their gig at the Liverpool 02 Academy: A Monday night in Liverpool is hardly ideal for a punk gig, but then again its not every night that the mighty Rancid come to town, and when the gig also has two such high profile support bands as the Cockney Rejects and Control, then you stop thinking about such things as balls and brass monkeys and head off into the cold night air, or afternoon air in my case as I was in the pub by 4.30. First up were Control; this band have built quite a reputation for themselves, and on tonight’s showing it is well deserved, front man Iain controls (excuse the pun) the stage, dealing with hecklers with good humour, and manages to extract the urine out of yours truly in the process. Great set and cheers for the guest list boys. Next up, for the first time in Liverpool for 32 years were The Cockney Rejects. Storming onto the stage with ‘Flares and Slippers’ they were bang on from the word go. I’ve seen this band many times down the years, and can honestly say tonight was the best I’ve ever seen them. There can’t be many front men around right now with as much charisma than Jeff Turner, and when Mick Geggus hits those power chords the hairs on your neck stand up. The Rejects played to a venue well over three quarters full at this point, and the majority weren’t even around when the band began, but they won everyone over young and old with what can only be described as a greatest hits set. ‘I’m Not A Fool’, ‘Greatest Cockney Rip Off’, ‘Bad Man’ and a storming version of ‘Oi Oi Oi’ to finish with. We also got a nice dedication to Joe Strummer from Jeff. Back in the day, many people always thought of the Rejects as the real deal. Tonight they proved they are. And so to Rancid, the venue was now packed tighter than Scouser Dom’s waistband, and Rancid stormed the stage and never let up for almost two hours: ‘Olympia WA’, ‘Maxwell Murder’, ‘11th Hour’, ‘Hooligans’, ‘Time Bomb’. You name ’em, and we got ’em. Its easy to see why this band is so revered by so many people, their set is packed with great songs, and despite their status as the world’s premier punk rock band, they remain accessible to their fans. This was proved after they finished their set when Lars stayed on stage handing out set lists, plectrums, and even signing album sleeves that the fans were holding up in the crowd. A great set from Rancid, but without doubt the night belonged to the Rejects, with their new album, and the superb film East End Babylon their profile has never been higher, some things do get better with age, and the Rejects are one of them.

Dec 3. Rejoice! Gal’s solo album is out today on download. ‘Just The Filth’ by Garry Bushell is a 12-song compilation of Gal’s sauciest Ska and rudest rock songs – most familiar to Nads fans. The album comes with three great bonus tracks including the eight minute long ‘Out Of Me Box’. A limited, hand-numbered run of the album on CD should be on sale from our shop page by the end of the week. The tracks are: ‘Oi Mate’, ‘Threes Up’, ‘Infected’, ‘Badly Done’, ‘Getting Pissed’, ‘Buy Me A Drink You Bastards’, ‘Re-Infected’, ‘Lotto’, ‘Cheeky Chappy’, ‘Avoid The Vexation Of Women’, ‘Big Balls’ and ‘The Greatest Cockney Christmas’. The bonus ditties are: ‘Out Of Me Box’, ‘Grant Mitchell (Live)’ and ‘England My Land’. Co-writers include Clyde Ward, Nick Welsh, Tony Morrison and Mark McMighty. Gal’s personal manager, the impresario Harvey Garden tells us: “We have released this comp to spread Gonads/SkaNads humour to a wider audience. It’s a real ‘exploding clown’s car’ of a collection, full of laughs, unadulterated joy and more hooks than an angling convention. It’s great value for money too – fifteen tracks for just £7.99. And the CDs will be an even bigger bargain at just £5.99 – we’re killing ourselves here people!!” You can find ‘Just The Filth’ on iTunes and Amazon: PS. Harvey tells us that there is “a possibility” of a second GB album about eighteen months hence, featuring riotous new numbers that don’t fit either the Gonads or the SkaNads remit. “Songs about Mr Pastry, Lionel Bart and Derek & Clive ain’t everyone’s cuppa tea,” he says, although on balance that seems a shame.

The next Gonads gig will be at the Bletchley Arms, Bletchley on 23rd February, with Ska/rocksteady DJ Rocksteady Elsie. Tickets are just a fiver in advance from lemongig promotions on Facebook, or £6 on the door. Full address: The Bletchley Arms, 183 Queensway, Bletchley MK3 2ED. Local flag girls welcome! More rip-roaring gigs to be announced soon me hearties... Up the punks, skins and drunks!

The line-up for next year’s Punk & Disorderly includes: Sparrer, The Exploited, The Last Resort, Infa-Riot, Buster Shuffle, Argy-Bargy, Middle Finger Salute and Louise Distras, more names are being added. Meanwhile the Vive Le Rock festival taking place in Wales in June 2013 has changed its name to Never Trust A Hippy; confirmed bands include the SUBHUMANS, PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES, Discharge, THE GONADS, The Outcasts and The Defects. Word is our old mates CONFLICT could headline.

Various spurts of trivia: folk rockers the Decemberists appeared in the episode of the Simpsons that transmitted in the US last night... Goldblade play the 100 Club on December 10th... Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has put his Californian beach home on the market for £1.06million – gotta pay the rehab bills somehow. Cash from chaos, indeedee.

Dec 2. STOP PRESS. Nacho Jase and the Gonads have parted company. The shock development, and the veil of secrecy that surrounds it, has sparked rumours that Jase has been sacked for persisting with the so-called NoNads gig in Bournemouth on Thursday against Lord Waistrel’s clearly expressed wishes. But friends of the guitarist say that the split is “amicable” and “by mutual consent.” All will no doubt be made clear shortly. A replacement guitarist “close to the band” is already said to be in place and “frothing at the bit” for the gig-heavy Gonads’ 2013 year-long farewell tour. Meanwhile Jase is believed to be at home, spending more time with his ukulele.

Random news: Led Zeppelin appear on the Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow night (not much use to fans in the UK, but there y’go)... The Swingin’ Utters unveil an utterly swinging new album on Fat Wreck Chords early next year... The Specials play a live show at the Beeb’s Maida Vale Studios on 12 December, as part of Steve Lamacq’s ‘Album Of The Day’ series on Radio 6. The Cov boys will perform favourites from their back catalogue. Free tickets available via random draw - you can register for them up until 10am tomorrow.

NADS AD: Windows smashed, graffiti sprayed, hoax calls made, car aerials bent, house doors smeared with excrement... for estimates contact ‘Colin’ PO Box 54-46 (That’s His Number).

Dec 1st. Rancid have released a limited edition range of Xmas tree merchandise, including shatterproof punk rock baubles and an 18inch customized stocking. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Fat Col is now knocking out a line of unofficial Gonads-themed festive t-shirts of his own making, bearing slogans like ‘Bollocks To Christmas’, ‘Oi! Pull My Cracker!’ and ‘I Saw Mummy Sucking Santa Claus’. Oaf. We feel moved to warn the women of Plumstead, SE18, that it is safer to eat mistletoe than kiss Col under it.

Don’t forget, the Rejects play Kingston Upon Thames tonight; venue: Kingsmeadow, Jack Goodchild Way, KT1 3PB, then Glasgow Barrowland with Rancid and Control tomorrow, and Liverpool 02 Academy with Rancid and Control on Monday.

Album news: North-east nitwits The Toydolls are releasing their twelfth full-length oeuvre entitled ‘The Album After The Last One’, on Randale. The platter packs in fifteen tracks, including two bonus songs. It’s Olga’s first time on vinyl, so be gentle with him. Meanwhile the new offering from Sydney’s The Corps is called ‘Know The Code’ and is best described as aggro-punk with a pukka AC/DC punch. You can pre-order now from Contra.

Other random malarkey: A new documentary telling the story of jailed Russian art-punks Pussy Riot will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month... King Hammond will release his latest album, ‘Hot Skin Music’, next May... the Old Firm Casuals have released a new single on TKO, called ‘Born Criminal’ – the release celebrates 15 years of the label run by one-time Gonads roadie Mark D. Rainey... there’s a Bridgehouse ‘class of 1980’ reunion piss-up on 14th December – get in touch for details.

Chelsea Dom reports that Cock Sparrer actually sold more tickets than Motorhead for their recent gig at Hamburg’s Sportshalle – although we’d still rather have Lemmy’s merch sales. And drugs. And groupies. Whatever happened to Heavy Metal Heather by the way?

Nads Ad! For sale: Large bed-ridden female, keen on Tarot cards, vodka and cats. Will part-exchange for a young slim Ashley Roberts lookalike. PO Box FatCol90210.