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Please note the items you are about to read consist largely of scurrilous gossip, vicious back-stabbing and idle speculation. As Jon Stewart might say, its stories are not fact checked. Its informants are not journalists. And its opinions are not fully thought through.


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July 16. Watch out for book-and-authors fanzine Spinners. The brainchild of early 80s punk fanziner, Raoul Galloway, it’s in the vein of John King’s lit-zine Verbal but is likely to prove more prolific. Raoul has also published Joe England’s latest book, Lone Moor Road, about an innocent boy visiting Northern Ireland in 1973 and returning fifty years later. At a recent book reading in London, Joe was supported by performances from Tim ‘Teething’ Wells, Chip Hamer, Calum O'Keefe, Steve Potts (of Criminal Damage) and Garrie ‘Guitar’ Lammin who contributed a handful of songs including the original version of Sparrer’s Running Riot. John King described the night as “Proper people who believe in what they're doing, the power of the small-press underground.” Check out Raoul’s website.
The Gonads Website

July 13. News in brief: we have added a Norfolk gig, B2 Brickmakers, Norwich, on 2nd November... Gal’s new books have all been postponed until 2025... hints about the next Gonads album emerge... fresh Prankster scandal excites gutter press.

Those stories in full: we will join a packed bill at the Norwich Brickmakers gig with Hung Like Hanratty, Scandal, Jack The Lad, Tear Up and Violent Solution. Our farewell mini-tour of north London begins at the 229 in October (Cream Of The Crop), followed by the Spice Of Life, Soho, 11th November, and a final show, with special guests, at the Dublin Castle on 6th December. No further full gigs are likely this year, but Miss Management was yesterday overheard speaking cryptically about “a Paris event” possibly in November. Exciting!

Gal’s PA Fit Bird has announced that his latest, long-awaited Harry Tyler novel, plus Sounds Of Glory volumes 3 and 4, and the rumoured Gonads annual have “bin pushed back like the Ottoman hordes at the gates of Vienna”. No reasons were given. But she did reveal that the next Gonads release will be a split album “half-Nads, half GBX”, released ideally a year from now. Although playing down the project, Miss M told the blog: “Revolution Now! is the benchmark to beat, so we won’t be heading back until we know the songs are better than those ones. Everything has to be inch perfect and spot on.” Quite so.

Meanwhile sensational allegations have emerged suggesting that two members of The Gonads are secretly fully-signed-up “practitioners in the dark arts of the Jolly Pranksters” – and worse, that they are also active participants in the 69th degree, the brethren’s so-called ‘club within a club’, a level of membership and enlightenment that the only the most devoted and influential brother can obtain. Newspaper enquiries have been batted away with stony “no-comments” but top investigators from the US National Enquirer are said to be “on it like a car bonnet”. A tight-lipped Martin Sporrell (aggressive Gooner) dismissed the claims as “gutter-press smears” adding “There ain’t no Pranksters here” before telling his security detail to “step off with the left foot”. Blimey. So mote it be.

July 12. We are devastated to learn that our former drummer Paul Haslin has died. Scottish-born Paul – widely known as RD (Robber’s Dog) and MacGonad – played for us in the first Nacho Jase/Mick Maverick line-up and appears on our Live Free, Die Free double album. Paul also played in Pete Way’s Waysted and was a session musician for the Orgasm Guerrillas. No cause of death has been confirmed, but a close friend tells us that RD had “started feeling very ill a week ago; he took himself to hospital here in Milton Keynes and was a bit better the next day, and said he wanted to sleep.” If we hear more, we’ll pass it on, along with more MacGonad memories. Rest In Power, mate.

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